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Happy Roccoversary, everyone

It’s been a hell of a year but we’re very thankful that Commisso has taken the reigns and done a heck of a job so far.

Rocco Commisso president of ACF Fiorentina, looks on before... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

One year ago today, Rocco B. Commisso finalized his purchase of Fiorentina. While the subsequent season has been weirder than anyone ever imagined, it’s hard to argue that Rocco’s been anything but the single biggest positive change at the club in at least a decade.

From keeping hold of Federico Chiesa to extending young players to getting a new stadium on track to spending more in the January mercato than we’ve ever seen in Florence to playing the accordion to sounding off on the referees to condemning racism to beefing with Pavel Nedved to TALKING TO US to everything else, he’s hit every note just right so far this year. If you’re skeptical, think back to how we felt last spring under the Della Valles. Rocco’s been fantastic.

We’ve pulled some of our favorite Rocco stories from this past year for you to glance back over as a reminder of how the Mediacom mogul’s tenure has gone thus far. It’s pretty good, honestly.

Happy Roccoversary, everyone.