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Fiorentina Reactions Around The World - Lazio

All’s Well That Ends Well


One may ask why we chose to name the title of this game’s article after a Shakespearean play. It is both straight forward and somewhat abstract.

This Shakespearean play was one that posed more than just one ethical dilemma throughout. The antagonist of this story goes by the name Parolles (Marco Parolo was one of the antagonists of the game) and while this was one of Shakespeare’s few “Problem Plays”, it was the closest title that would make sense for a game that clearly was more along the lines of a tragedy.

For the second straight game the tragedy was not embodied by Fiorentina players, but that of a third party to those playing on the field. I am not shy to say that officiating took center stage for this game. The poor officiating not only caused ripples, it created waves. I would like to imagine that even the most die-hard Lazio fan would be left feeling unfulfilled with how this game ended, though I know that is not the case. In Shakespeare’s play did anyone actually think that Bertram would continue to love Helena as he promised he would or did it only seem a knee-jerk reaction he had to the quick paced series of events at the end? That sequence seemed as unfulfilling as another Serie A VAR influenced win. Though I will admit, I’d love to know what that feels like!

Fabio “Stone Crusher” Turchi, 2019 WBC International Cruiserweight Champ and 2013 Mediterranean Games Gold Medalist - “A bitter and in many ways undeserved defeat. Fiorentina played a good defensive game, careful not to close too much, and for an hour into the game they succeeded to limit the danger of Lazio. Unfortunately in the second half the team went down and in my opinion Iachini did something wrong. Ribery, who is a phenomenon, had to be removed first. He was seen very tried. The positive note was Ghezzal, probably his best game played against Fiorentina. Now we look ahead and think of Sassuolo where you must absolutely make 3 points.”

Andrea Di Salvo - Charming host of Lady Radio - “A predictable defeat on paper, but given the our advantage in the first half, we were a little dejected. After the bad draw against Brescia, the last team in the standings, this defeat puts Fiorentina in a difficult situation, mostly from a psychological standpoint. The play of the Ribery was phenomenal, after that we had nothing else. We hope to get to 42 points as soon as possible, which will be our salvation. We never gives up!”

Andrea Carta, member of Fiorentina Fan Club Tokyo - “Today we did well and we were unlucky, but this year we also had embarrassing matches. We hit the crossbar and there was a nonexistent penalty. This will be a project that starts with the sports center and stadium that needs a good coach with full authority. Then you mix in experienced and young players and give the team time to work.”

Ale Viola - Number one store in Firenze and online for the best Fiorentina gear - “It was a good performance by Fiorentina but these matches must be closed out otherwise you risk losing like we did yesterday. In addition to Ribery and a few flashes of Castrovilli’s game we had very little else .... yesterday as well as against Brescia, we hit the the crossbar and had a bit of bad luck. It must be said that yesterday, Terna, the referee was insufficient and he put us in a disadvantage. In fact there was no penalty [Dragowski] and in our favor there could have been two expulsions for very hard fouls on Fiorentina players, but the referee judged them to be only yellow cards without confirming with VAR, naturally favoring Lazio. I don’t want to think badly about losing to Lazio yesterday, who are behind Juventus by 7 points (thus closing the championship discussion) but the fact remains that our team did not deserve defeat and even the draw would have been a tight result.

We look ahead to Wednesday, a game against Sassuolo we can win. We need to win in order to not find ourselves in deeper water. However, Sempre Forza Viola e a presto. Ciao.”

Martha Khrismawan, member of Viola Club Indonesia - “The biggest area of need is midfield and attack - scoring goals, creating opportunities, and counterattacks. We can’t just rely on the individual skills from Ribery or Chiesa all the time.

The defense line is already rather solid. But the same is a lie if behind the back already desperately hold, the front line of attack is barren.”

Gianluca Caminati, President of Viola Club KK - Gli Ingestibili and host of CurvaSport - Bar Live - “This was a game that made the worst of me come out! On Lazio’s penalty I was unable to keep calm. I was saying for a while: this referee can’t wait to give him a penalty! The feeling was right. Lazio found no outlets and could have attacked for a month and would not have scored. Then you see Milenkovic touch Luis Alberto on the chest on an attack, who grabs his face as if he had just been punched by Mike Tyson. Yellow for Milenkovic!

You quickly realize that something is wrong. A direct red and then Jony’s second foul gets the same admonition. You understand that something will happen! The Var is broken or at least it is when the event would favor La Viola. We understand you can’t go to see every episode, but then you only go to see Vlahovic’s elbow - but not the penalty on Ribery when it was 1-1?! This game remains a bad taste in the mouth. We played at the level of the second best team in the table and without the benefit of the right calls.

The last thought goes to those who say Ribery is too old. There is only one gentleman like Frank Ribery, who at 6:45am is already at the training ground. He is good for Fiorentina and good for the whole world of football. Today he showed an EXAMPLE of that. Even if he is no longer young, he is always an EXAMPLE, and our kids must take this lesson to even get to half of the career he has had!”

Gianni Matteo Rontani, President of the Rocco Commisso Fan Club - “We started from a disadvantage but we played ahead of Lazio the entire first half, with a well-deserved goal. Ribery’s prowess speaks for itself. In the second half we hit the crossbar and we conceded a goal, unfortunately it was the episodes - at least 2 red cards missing out of two Lazio interventions that compromised the game - despite good personality and good game. I don’t usually comment on penalties but tonight’s one required it. There is great regret.”

Sergio Dondoli, two time Gelato World Champion and Owner of the world’s best gelato at Gelateria Dondoli in San Gimignano - “The Florentins left Rome without any points, we would have deserved at least one if not three. The first penalty was very doubtful and then there should have been a red card not given to Parolo when the score was 1-1. Luis Alberto made a lucky play and was able to put Lazio ahead. Ribery had a wonderful game with a fantastic goal. He finally shot on goal instead of passing the ball and he has to do it more often. As long as he resisted his tiring physical condition he was the superior player on the pitch, but the whole team had a good game especially Dragowsky and Ghezzal who also hit a crossbar. The team had a good game today.”

Matteo Bambi on behalf of Viola Club Paris - “Ghezzal’s bar is still screaming revenge. We leave the Olimpico with 0 points when 3 points would have been a fair reward. Viola played well and selflessly, then the very generous penalty given to Lazio rushes them to the victory. It’s a big pity tonight.”

Alessandro Sisto, President of Viola Club New York - “I want to start from the penalty given, which is clearly not a penalty. You can see how Caicedo’s slid his right foot before the impact [with Dragowski], which shows the mediocrity of the ref. Sometimes I ask myself why is there technology if they don’t take advantage of it! With that being said, beside the magic of Franck and the post from Ghezzal, this team doesn’t play. I hope that someone invents something and by someone I mean Ribery and Castrovilli. Instead of creating opportunities as a whole, strikers are isolated and the midfield wasn’t even present. The game vs Sassuolo next week will be extremely important not to be relegated at this point.”

Maurizio Gamberucci of Viola Club Texas - “This was a highly undeserved defeat for Fiorentina, strongly affected by a weak referee. Lotito’s psychological pressure drove his decisions. FR7 was majestic, above everyone else on the team and most of the other Serie A players. Again, Beppe delayed the substitutions. Ribery and Badelj were clearly tired. Vlahovic was disappointing. It is a shame.”

Massimiliano Lelli of Viola Club Brussels and Europa Viola - “We deserved at least one point, we deserved a draw. The penalty was invented, it should not have been given. We did not play bad. We did make some mistakes, sure. The final score was a bit poor for us. We deserved better.”

Thank you global fans and experts. Sempre Forza Viola!