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Rocco Commisso Releases Statement on Lazio Game

Calm but direct, Rocco is spot on

ACF Fiorentina v Atalanta BC - Coppa Italia Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

With much anticipation, President Rocco Commisso has released a statement from the USA regarding Fiorentina’s positive performance last night.

“There was one player that was head and shoulders above the rest,” said Commisso. “He was wearing a Viola jersey and had the No.7 on his back – he really entertained me and I think that goes for all lovers of good football too. Given his age and the fact that he’s returning for a longue ingiuries to fitness, Franck Ribery was phenomenal. He’s an example for everybody.

“It was a good team performance also. Having seen the images and heard and read the reactions from all over the world on television, websites and social media, where there has been a lot of criticism of the refereeing decisions in the match, I’m left wondering why – after multiple incidents affecting not just Fiorentina but many other teams too – the decision still hasn’t been made for technology, and specifically VAR, to be deployed in a more significant and useful way.

“As I made clear several months ago, I’m still in favour of teams being given the possibility to appeal to match officials for use of VAR, based on a system with specific rules. That would remove all doubts for everybody and give us the certainty that everything is being assessed as well as possible. I will continue to be the first one to speak up on these issues out of respect principally for Fiorentina and the Viola faithful and also for the italian football in general.

“The good news is that the team looked to have progressed, so I want to congratulate the players. Now our attention turns to Wednesday’s game against Sassuolo. I hope that everybody does their job as well as possible, in order to ensure that football is as fair a sport as possible.”

It is apparent Rocco was watching the same game we all were. The team performed very good throughout and deserved at least one point if not all three points. Unfortunately, officiating yet again is what everyone is talking about the day after. With multiple borderline and wrong calls, Serie A needs to take a hard look at their officiating and VAR teams... unless this is the narrative they wanted told?

Grande Rocco! Forza Viola!