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If you want to ask Viola Station any questions, now’s your time

Mike and Tito are opening the floor for (almost) whatever questions you’ve got.

Telephone Operators at Switchboards
Standing by for your questions.

Unlike the way we’ve usually run Viola Station, we’re going to come right out and tell you that Mike and I are going to record a new episode on Sunday with an eye to publishing on Monday. We’ll take a break here for your rapturous applause.

Anyways. Having run through the entire Fiorentina roster from goalkeepers to strikers, we’re moving onto some new stuff. One of the things Mike and I have most wanted to do on the podcast is take questions from listeners, so here’s your cue. If you have something you want us to discuss, post it here and (presuming it’s not anything deeply objectionable) settle in to listen to us talk it over.

Just to give you an idea of what we’ll be talking about, we’re going to be discussing the Brescia and Lazio matches, transfer rumors, and stadium news, so anything on those topics should be fairly specific. Otherwise, we’re braced for whatever trenchant observations and floccinaucities that the comment section around here usually produces.