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The Official Rocco Commisso Fan Club Surpasses 5,000 Member Milestone

You too can join!

The Official Rocco Commisso Fan Club reaches surpasses the 5,000 member milestone
The Official Rocco Commisso Fan Club

Riding the whirlwind that is Rocco Commisso, Fiorentina gaining momentum. Having just celebrated his first year as club owner, Rocco has made many improvements for his club. He announced plans to build Italy’s largest and most inclusive Centro Sportivo, spent 70-80 million euros in the January transfer window, decided enough is enough with Juve’s choke hold on political power and have an epic dance-off with Firenze Mayor Nardella to establish a stadium that could bring Fiorentina the revenue it needs to continually compete for the world’s top stars. And he is not done yet.

When you match a fanbase that has been in starved for success with an owner who will settle for nothing short of it, excitement will certainly follow. Understanding this, a day prior to Rocco purchasing Fiorentina, Gianni Matteo Rontani and a few other fans organized The Official Rocco Commisso Fan Club on Facebook on June 5th, 2019. With this group Gianni established an area for like-minded fans to come and celebrate each and every accomplishment of Rocco Commisso. Scroll through this group and you will find information from not only Rocco’s Fiorentina accomplishment, but his many Mediacom, Columbia University, NY Cosmos and philanthropic accomplishments.

We had the opportunity to speak with the Rocco Commisso Fan Club founder, Gianni Matteo Rontani to find out a little more about him and the club.

Gianni: “I have been a passionate Viola fan since I was five years old, when my Grandpa took me to the Franchi for the first time. I clearly remember that day. As soon as the teams took the pitch I lost my breath. Over the next 45 years I have followed the club everywhere they went. It has been my greatest joy, but it has also with many moments of sorrow.”

“A couple days prior to Rocco purchasing the club a very dear friend of mine, born in Longobucco (a town in Calabria), called me very excitedly and said “Gianni e fatta! La Viola e di Rocco!” (Gianni, it is done, La Viola is Rocco’s). I founded the club the night of June 5th, 2019, because of the respect I had for a man born in Italy who made it big in the United States. The next day I was at the Franchi to rejoice with 10,000 other passionate Fiorentina fans, celebrating our new owner.”

“We were all very excited and so was Rocco. He told us many beautiful things, one of which stands out to me today. Simply, “Chiamatemi Rocco, Okay?!” (Call me Rocco, Okay).

On the accomplishment of reaching 5,000 members Gianni added. “It means a lot, but what it really means is 5,000 thanks to Rocco, his family, Joe Barone and all the staff. We are a private fan club, and we will continue to be. We set no limits on our growth - 10k, 20k - but will focus on quality members. Everyone will respect the philosophy and the values Rocco has set upon entry.” Gianni continued, “We have some nice things planned, two or three important projects. We are organizing ourselves to support the best. Noi Siamo Smpre stati con Rocco!”

Knowing that selfies are frowned upon moving forward, as Rocco lovingly shared with us during the 25th minute in our Podcast with him, the fan club seems like one of the best options to embrace your fandom moving forward. You too can join the Official Rocco Commisso Fan Club by click this link. While most communication is in Italian, they love seeing Rocco fans across the globe.

Noi Stiamo Con Rocco! Forza Viola!