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Noi Stiamo Con Rocco Part Deux

All my life I have been waiting use a Hot Shots reference. Thank you Charlie Sheen for being patient!

When a couple thousand scooters hit the streets at one time, the world listens.
Alessandro Sisto

NOI STIAMO CON ROCCO, a simple phrase that started on social media in Italy that reverberated across the globe has now made itself outdoors. ACCVC and ATF announced through their official channels the following statement:

Hello everyone, finally here we are. At 19:00 in Ponte a Greve or at 20: 00/20; 30 at the Stadio Franchi we are waiting for you. An initiative to alert the institutions on the theme “WE WANT THE STADIUM”, a stadium in line with the ambitions of the fans. We are still far from what President Rocco asked for or a fast solution to achieve it, one of the four identified as possible by the purple company. We are not yet to choose where and how, we are still in the “WE WANT THE STADIUM” phase We all have a preference, we have desires: this will be part of a later moment if ever there is. This is why it is important to remain united, not to let ourselves be exploited by often “comfortable” interpretations.

We are responsible for what we say and do and not for what others understand. Anyone from outside Florence can manage to reach the stadium by 20: 20/20: please do it: it will be like repeating the usual ritual of all of us purple fans to find themselves at the stadium for Fiorentina. Those who live far from Florence and therefore cannot reach Franchi in time, write a few lines of support for the initiative: a few clear and incisive words on the theme “WE WANT THE STADIUM”. You can send us your thoughts with a photo with purple or Viola Club banners on Facebook by sharing on the page of the Association that you must have liked before otherwise it won’t let you do it, or by using email or whatsapp.

Everyone must understand that the purple fans want at least one real feasible real solution to be found in a short time for Rocco to do the stadium. We look forward to seeing you both at Franchi and virtually, all strictly from 19:00 onwards.


It was estimated by those in attendance that between 2,000 and 2,500 Viola fans joined the protest in Firenze, with many more joining in virtually. A very special guest was in attendance though, and it probably is not who or what you would think. An excavator was front and center of the protest, brought by a Viola fan, presumably to signify that up until this point the Fiorentina fans have been able to move more dirt that the Florentine government.

If a few thousand scooters weren’t enough, an excavator will surely show we mean business!

ViolaNation was able to speak with a couple members of Viola Clubs across the globe. Here is what they had to say.

Viola Club NY President Alessandro Sisto: “Viola Club New York sticks with the fans in Firenze, with the hope that we can quickly decide one of the options on the plate. As the North American Delegate for ACCVC, I support the President Filippo Pucci and I hope that a decision can be made soon. It doesn't help anyone with us not knowing the path that we are going to take”

Viola Club KK - Gli Ingestibili (Prato) President Gianluca Caminati: “Our presence at today’s event is to STRENGTHEN WITH STRENGTH that #NOISTIAMOCONROCCO !!! It is to STRENGTHEN WITH STRENGTH that WE WANT THE NEW STAGE ... no matter how and where, Rocco decides ... instead it matters WHEN ... and that when it is: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! It is for STRENGTHENING THAT we are not at the games of politicians and pennivendoli ... WE WANT FACTS ... WE WANT ANSWERS ... WE WANT THE STADIUM!

Finally, it is to STRENGTHEN WITH STRENGTH that you can exploit all the press releases you want, but Florence and the Florentines deserve a modern, state-of-the-art, comfortable and profitable system for the Company ... and NOTHING AND NOBODY WILL PREVENT WE OBTAINING IT!!!”

Viola Club Paris’s Matteo Bambi - “The Viola Club Paris aligns itself alongside ATF and ACCVC and all the Viola supporters, asking for quick and concrete answers and solutions for the construction of the stadium for our beloved Fiorentina in the shortest time possible.”

Europa Viola released a joint statement through Massimiliano - “This is no longer time for politics, it is time to build a new stadium. After 20 plus years, now is the time for action. We fully support Rocco in his intentions. We hope this and previous demonstrations will deliver Fiorentina and its fans results.”

Viola Club Romagna Marco Briganti President Adelmo Neri - We support the Fiorentina movement for a new stadium in Firenze and we are at the side of Rocco and the Company in the process of building the stadium. Whether in the case of a new system in Campi or in the case of restructuring the Franchi on Rocco’s terms.”

Rocco Commisso Fan Club President Gianni Matteo Rontani - “Today was a strong, but civil protest against the local politicians. It was a protest against the gum wall that has already hurt Firenze and Fiorentina. Joe Barone’s words were both clear and touching. Standing six feet away from him i saw him crying in front of thousands of fans. Afterwards I was able to greet him with a strong hug and tell him Grande Cuore Joe!”

Enjoy some videos

All the scooters from Gianluca Caminati:

And from Gianluca Caminati again, featuring A PROTEST EXCAVATOR:

Joe Barone being supremely excellent.

Scooters? Scooters.