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Hey look, Viola Station is back

Yes, we know it’s a bit late. In our defense, time is a construct, man.

Pet Radio
Be like Tibby. Listen to Viola Station.
Photo by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images

We’ve got another dang podcast, even if it didn’t come out on a dang Monday as usual. That’s due to some dang technical issues on my end (and yes, I know the dang sound is a little bit wonky, dang it). However, despite all that danging, we’ve got a sixth episode of Viola Station to titillate your earbuds with all the Fiorentina news, gossip, and what passes for analysis around these parts that your little heart could desire.

This time out, we’re discussing the newest round of silly and not-so-silly transfer rumors; all the forwards under contract with the Viola; and, most excitingly, THIS WEEKEND’S MATCH AGAINST BRESCIA WHICH WILL MARK THE RESUMPTION OF CALCIO IN FLORENCE AND OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Ahem. Along the way, you’ll also learn why Mike needs grappa more than you do and why I have a lot of trouble with certain fan group acronyms. Go on, give it a listen. What else do you have to do?

As always, if the podcast player doesn’t appear right above this, it’s probably because a lot of search services weed it out for reasons unknown. You can try visiting this page directly as a workaround. You can also catch us on Megaphone, Spotify, Apple, and Google. Thanks for listening, everyone. These are a blast to make and we’re thrilled that some of you seem into them.