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Your VN virtual happy hour is this Saturday

Bust out your finest Viola shirts and drinks.

View Of Santa Maria Del Fiore From The Terrace Of A Restaurant, Florence, Italy
Okay, it won’t be that nice, but it’s not nothing?
Photo by: marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Hey, remember the joyful, casual days of early February when we were planning to get everyone together in Florence for a match? Feels like years ago. It would have started next weekend, and I’m still really bummed out that we’re not going to get to meet each other. However, we’ve got the next best thing coming and that’s an online meeting to drink and be merry on Saturday (I didn’t want to wait the extra week, so sue me).

Having tallied up the numbers, it looks like the Viola Nation virtual happy hour will be on Saturday, 9 May 2020, at 8:00 PM GMT. I know that doesn’t work for everyone and I’m really sorry for anyone who can’t make it, but that was the most widely-acceptable start. We’ll maybe try another one down the line to get everyone else in.

Now, for the directions. We’ll be doing this via Zoom, so make sure your device has everything necessary installed. The next step is to either comment on this story that you’re in or shoot us an email at so that I can send out the invitations and password. Can’t wait to see all of you, even if it’s not going to be at a Fiorentina match.