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Join us for a Viola Nation virtual happy hour

Tell us when you’re free and buckle in for Saturday.

Wine barrels on truck
I mean, how else are we supposed to get through all this?
Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images

As you may have gathered, what was going to be our first-ever Viola Nation meeting in Florence isn’t happening this year. I’m super bummed because I was really looking forward to meeting yall, since I’ve been batting back and forth in the comment sections with you for years in some cases (we old).

While we’re already working on rescheduling for next year, how about a pale imitation of meeting in Florence from the comfort/I’ve-been-in-here-for-months-convenience of your own home? Because that’s what your getting. That’s right, suckers. Buckle up for Viola Nation Zoom.

Since we’re scattered all over the dang planet, figuring out when to do this is fairly tricky due to the meddling influence of time zones. For that reason, I’m setting this up for Saturday, since that will probably provide the largest amount of access to the largest number of people. Unfortunately, there’s a decent chance that we’re not going to be able to accommodate everyone, for which I apologize; if this one goes well, we’ll try another at some point. This could end up being the sort of event that gets all of us up at weird hours, so it’ll be a nice rehearsal for watching Fiorentina again.

Anyways, drop your answers here before Thursday and I’ll get it all set up. I’ll also ask that, if you’re interested, you leave a comment expressing that so I can get you on the list and email you a password to the meeting. If the embedded form isn’t showing up for you, click through and answer it here.