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Viola Nation has a podcast now

We got bored and did a thing.

Old objects conserved in Cuba. Old style wooden radios of...
Coming through your speakers...
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Most of you have probably noticed that there haven’t been very many stories on this website of late. That’s partly because, in these coronavirus times, it’s tough to find any actual news, but it’s even more because we’ve been working on a new project. Everyone, meet Viola Station, one of the ten best English-language Fiorentina podcasts on the internet. That’s right, Mike and I have pivoted to audio to talk about Viola stuff.

Our first episode is Mike and me talking about who we are, why we’re fans, the goalkeeper situation, and a look at the future of this absurd season with none other than former VN boss Chloe Beresford, who’s honestly way too important to talk with us (she’s in Forbes, for crying out loud) but still agreed to drop by.

Neither Mike nor I have ever done anything like this, so bear with us as we figure it out. Particularly, bear with me as I learn how to edit, mix, and produce these things, which is completely foreign to me. The closest I’ve ever come to this is watching someone qualified work in a recording studio back when I did music, and I never came close to touching the dials—they generally don’t let drummers near anything valuable.

Anyways, here’s hoping yall enjoy our dulcet tones. Feel free to drop any suggestions, questions, or owns in the comments.

(If you’re not seeing the embedded podcast, fear not; Google and social media paths often knock out some features on our page. You can still search Viola Station on most major podcast finders and track us down.)