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Rocco Commisso and Fiorentina create a Gofundme to benefit the hospitals of Firenze [updated: some extra details]

Commisso family donates €250,000, looks to fund €500,00... you too can help!

ACF Fiorentina v UC Sampdoria - Tim Cup Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Rocco Commisso has released a couple statements recently regarding his intentions to put together a strategy to help the city of Firenze and its neighboring areas financially during this medical and economic crisis. Today, through Joe Barone and Mark Stephan, he announced his plans, which you can access here.

Rocco, Fiorentina and Mediacom released the following statement through GoFundMe

“The purple club has decided to launch the “FORCE AND HEART” fundraiser with the minimum goal of reaching the figure of 500,000 euros and the President Rocco Commisso, his wife Catherine and his son Giuseppe have already started today, in first person, to this initiative by donating directly to the two realities identified on the Tuscan territory the total figure of 250,000 euros.

The hope is that the whole great Viola family, from managers and players, to employees, sponsors, partners, fans and all our friends are encouraged to participate in this campaign launched by our beloved Fiorentina.

The proceeds from the “FORZA E CUORE (Strength and Heart)” fund collection, active on the gofundme platform, will be mainly donated to the Careggi Foundation and the Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation, whose mission is to financially support the main hospitals of the Metropolitan City of Florence that are working of this health emergency.“

I have just made a donation through gofundme for my family and ViolaNation. My 12 year old daughter even donated €20 that she recently earned. The process is very easy, just requires a credit card. 100% of your donation goes to Forza e Cuore, though you will pay a small fee or percentage of your donation to gofundme. Keep in mind you can make this fee very low. Don’t just pay what they recommend. Use the drop down and select your own!

Forza Viola!

[updated 8:45 AM 18 March 2020]

Rocco added a few words in a Mediacom press release, adding some detail and reminding everyone why Italy is so much at risk.

Thirty days ago, I was in Italy cheering on my beloved ACF Fiorentina at a soccer match against Sampdoria. In the month that has passed since that game, the Coronavirus pandemic has devastated the entire nation.

“With the second oldest population on earth, Italy has been particularly susceptible to the destruction of this invisible and insidious enemy. The speed in which the Coronavirus has spread across Italy has overwhelmed the country’s healthcare system. To date, nearly 2,200 of the 28,000 Italians who have contracted COVID-19 have perished.

“Closer to home, eight members of the extended Viola Family including three Fiorentina first team players have contracted the virus as of today.

A Fiorentina press release further detailed the Commissos’ initial gift: €125,000 each to the Careggi Foundation and Santa Maria Nuova Onlus Foundation. According Careggi Foundation director Rocco Damone, the money will go to purchase safety equipment for the medical personnel treating patients, which is in desperately short supply in Florence, in Italy, and all over the world.