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Got questions for Viola Station? Go ahead and ask them now.

Mike and Tito are listening to any and all listener queries and might even answer some of them.

144th anniversary of telephone
We’re taking your calls.

Well hello there. It’s been a little while since we spoke, hasn’t it? You’re looking well. Prosperous even. What’s that? Cut to the chase? See, that’s what I like about you. No wasting time. No beating around the bush. Straight to business. Well, let’s talk business, then.

Mike and I are recording a new Viola Station episode this weekend. Since it’s right after Thanksgiving and I fully intend to have eaten so much that I’ve foundered by that point, I’m not going to write a full script for this one. Instead, we decided to open it up for community input, since we haven’t had any listener input for a little while.

So fire away whatever questions you have for us in the comments. We’ll read them out and respond in our typically feeble fashion. Extra points for staying vaguely on topic (that means Fiorentina stuff). Double extra points for veering wildly off topic (that means non-Fiorentina stuff). Eternal exile into the cold and featureless vacuum of space for delving into Hot Topic (please don’t ever let this be Fiorentina stuff).

We’re listening.