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It’s a (very, very behind schedule) Viola Station 14

To make up for our tardiness on releasing this one, we’ve brought you the bonus of a very good guest.

Nashville, Tennessee, street scenes Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

So this is embarrassing. Mike and I recorded this episode in the immediate aftermath of Fiorentina’s loss at Inter Milan. The most eagle-eyed among you may realize that the Inter game was a week and a half ago. “The Tito,” you say to yourself, “What happened? What took so long? Why are you such a bum?”

The answer, dear reader, is simple. I’m a bum because I was born this way and never learned how to change. On the plus side, that just makes the discussions on this episode—mostly about the stadium—even more appropriate, considering that construction has also been, hm, delayed for about a decade. And, in contrast to my hopelessness, we got to chat with Dr. Nicola Corvaja. Besides being a brilliant cardiologist, the good doctor has his finger on the pulse of the Viola world, from the crazies in the Curva Fiesole all the way up to Rocco Commisso himself. Plus, we got a few references to Dante Alighieri and an excellent Guelph-Ghibelline story in there too, so you know it’s still a Viola Nation kind of thing.

If the embedded podcast player isn’t present right above this paragraph, we implore you not to panic. Instead, you can check this episode out for free on Megaphone, Apple, Google, or Spotify. Take your time listening, since we took our time getting this one out there, but the juice is surely worth the squeeze.