A quick note about Lorenzo

Many of you who've been hanging around Viola Nation for awhile know very well who LorenzoCalcio is. He used to run this website and did it fantastically well. He interviewed Giancarlo Antognoni. He started the BatiGol Weekly. He wrote some of the funniest articles the site has ever seen. He was also the boss who brought me aboard, so I'm his fault. More than that, he's a genuinely kind, smart, and talented person. If you've met him, you like him. If you haven't, you just admire him.

He recently announced that his mom is sick and that she probably won't be getting better. He's heading home to be with her and help his family out. If any of you have any way to contact him and send him your love, your support, and your best wishes, I encourage you to do so. Losing one's mother is about the hardest thing I can imagine; having a community in your corner doesn't make it any less painful but does give you something else to focus on, which is really helpful.

We love you, Lorenzo. Hang in there.

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