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Non avere peli sulla lingua: A conversation with Stefano Del Corona - September

Real Questions. Real Florentine Answers.

Stefano Del Corona

ViolaNation welcomes back Stefano Del Corona for the first in-season installment of non avere peli sulla lingua. After an off-season that included a lot of travel, a lot of activity, and a lot of news, we now find ourselves discussing the impact these have all had on the first few games of the season. We will also get into some of the hottest Fiorentina topics being talked about around Tuscany and beyond.

Let’s jump right in!

On the stadium:

ViolaNation: What do local fans think of a new stadium being built outside of Firenze?

Stefano Del Corona: Local fans are divided. There are some who don’t care about where it is located. These fans only care that a new stadium does get built. Then there are some who do not want the stadium to be built outside of Firenze because Fiorentina is the team of Firenze. One thing most fans agree about is that it is not logical to spend more money on the old stadium to renew it.

VN: What did the Delle Valle do to move the stadium forward beyond the planning stages other that the designs we’ve all seen?

SDC: There were a lot of meetings between the old Fiorentina property and the Firenze mayor, Dario Nardella and his group of technicians. At the end of the Delle Valle era we understood that there wasn't a will to do it anymore. It was a massive investment, more than 400 million euros to build the stadium they wanted with Citadella Viola around it.

Other Fiorentina questions:

VN: What are your thoughts with Chiesa’s renewal? How can Chiesa reengage with the fans?

SDC: This is a very delicate question. It is not a priority at this point in the season for Fiorentina or Chiesa, but it will be at the end of 2019. Chiesa knows the only way he can reengage with the fans is with his play on the field. He needs to play the best he can.

VN: What do we need to know about Spalletti being at the stadium - pure fandom or something else?

SDC: Don’t forget that Spalletti is a Fiorentina fan and the Fiorentina-Juventus game is a great one to see live in the stadium. The atmosphere was incredible. For the moment Montella doesn't have to worry about his job. The first opportunity to reevaluate this will come next month when the championship will stop again.

VN: What was the reaction inside of the Franchi like during the Napoli game after a fake penalty and one not given (Ribery)?

SDC: There was a lot of anger and astonishment at the same time. Two controversial moments that decided that match and neither were given. It was not the right result.

VN: What are the thoughts on Benassi? Is it an injury or is he just low in the pecking order?

SDC: Benassi is not in the starting eleven anymore. Montella prefers Pulgar in that role. That’s it.

VN: How confident are you going in to the Atalanta game?

SDC: First of all, I hope Atalanta’s very heavy defeat in the Champion’s League will still have a lingering affect on them. They are not an easy opponent for Fiorentina to face. We need to see Fiorentina at the top of their game to get a positive result.

VN: What are your thoughts on the 3-5-2? Is it sustainable long term? Will Pedro’s health change the formation?

SDC: One thing is certain. When Pedro is back in shape and ready to play, Montella will have to find a formation that puts the Brazilian, Chiesa and Ribery together. Montella does not believe that a team has a formation the players need to fit. He tries to mold his players and tactics to the team’s needs based on who their opponent is.

Grazie mille Stefano!

We look forward next month’s “Non Avere Peli Sulla Lingua”. If you have a subject you want his perspective on, please send them our way. We will log your comments and try our best to include as many of them as possible.

Forza Viola!