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Fiorentina vs Juventus: Fan Shots

From Firenze to the States, we bring you scenes of celebration

Picture from Flavio Gori in the Curva
Flavio Gori

From the beginning choreography to the nil-nil draw, yesterday’s game is one to be cherished. Fans from all over the world gathered to watch this spectacle. Here are a couple of their fan shots.

If you have photos of you and your friends watching this game or any future ones, please send them our way and we will highlight them in our future “Fan Shots”.

Pregame from Stefano Del Corona and
Stefano Del Corona
Roberto Consales made the trip back to Firenze to witness this great game
Roberto Consales

Roberto Consales, who watched the game inside the Franchi said, “Too bad Fiorentina didn’t win the game, but the fans put together a great show and Fiorentina played very well, pressing Juventus the whole 90 minutes”

Flavio Gori, President of Fiorentina Fan Club Tokyo, flew a half a world away to watch this one.

Great action shot from Stefano Del Corona
Stefano Del Corona

Stefano captured Federico Chiesa challenging former Viola, Juan Cuadrado.

VCNY President Alessandro Sisto on the game: “I think the pace was kind of slow at the beginning for many reasons; our midfield was more focused on stopping them, then slowly we built up more chances. Overall, we had more chances to score than they did. We were also lucky they had Douglas Costa leave early, but our chances were easier to convert than their’s. I was impressed by Ribery and Castrovilli. I can tell you that with a little patience this team will do great things. [At the watch party] We debated the question, if Fiorentina had a “finisher” in their box would we have done better? There were many differing opinions in our group and I love that.”

“I was so happy to be able to watch the game with so many of our members. Commisso and Barone have brought a tangible enthusiasm together with a group of really good players. I recognized this day one!”