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Non avere peli sulla lingua: A conversation with Stefano Del Corona

Real questions. Real Florentine answers.

Who needs to be the Most Interesting Man when this man jet sets between Firenze and the Mediterranean?
Stefano Del Corona Facebook

Stefano Del Corona is back to share his insight on everything Fiorentina and answer all of your ViolaNation questions. July through August is always a busy time, but I don’t know anyone that has been busier than Stefano. In the past month Stefano has put out a bunch (scientific term) of articles on, covered the Fiorentina training in Moena, got married in the Palazzo Vecchio to a very lucky lady, introduced me to the music of Albano Carrisi and took a new photo while on holiday at the beach to make us all jealous. ViolaNation sends its congratulations to Stefano and Donata! We wish you both the happiest in all things.

In this month’s installment we get a Fiorentino perspective on what a successful season looks like for the men’s and women’s teams, project the futures of our young talent, and of course talk some Franck Ribery. Let’s jump right in.

ViolaNation: We have all had the dream, so now you can break the bad news. Is Tonali a realistic option?

Stefano Del Corona: No, Tonali is not a realistic option for Fiorentina. Brescia doesn’t want to sell the player, [and will wait] at least until next season.

VN: So you’re saying there’s a chance?

VN: What are your expectations for Fiorentina this season? What is success defined as?

SDC: I expect a team that can bring us back to Europe. It will be difficult, I know, but we need this dimension to be attractive to a certain level of players. If we achieve this goal it could be a great season.

VN: Out of Ranieri, Sottil, Vlahovic, Venuti and Castrovilli who will have the best career?

SDC: I am most confident in Vlahovic. He has everything to be great. He’s got great power, he’s got great technique and he’s got the will to emerge, typical of Eastern Europe’s great players.

After Vlahovic it would be Castrovilli. He is Antognoni’s favorite. He has had a lot of nice things to say about him ever since his arrival.

VN: Fiorentina has come out and set a goal of 25,000 season tickets. Do you think this is realistic?

SDC: With two great arrivals (Ribery and someone else to follow soon) and a few supporting players, we will be close to 30,000 units when it is all done in my opinion.

VN: Let’s take time to look at the women’s team. How do you think they will do in the upcoming season? What was their best business during the window?

SDC: The women are not in the pole position to win the Championship. They are immediately behind teams like Juventus and Roma. The confirmation of our captain, Alia Guagni, is fundamental though.

VN: What is the plan for Bigica? Will he stay and take over for Montella or move on soon?

SDC: Bigica will complete his track with the Primavera this year. The next season he will be on another bench. I see him on a professional team in the Italian Serie B or something similar.

VN: Explain the roles of Barone, Prade and Danieli. How will this power dynamic play out?

SDC: Barone and Prade live together as a symbiotic person. They are involved in calciomercato issues and they are important in keeping relationships with supporters too. Danielli has an indefinite part for the moment.

VN: Which current player has the best connection to the local community?

SDC: Until this summer I’d say Chiesa. But with what has happened during June and July, his flirting with Juventus, it has ruined the relationship that existed with the people of Firenze. So, maybe Pezzella, the captain. He has never said a wrong word, never had a bad attitude and he is a good player too.

VN: What are your thoughts on what Ribery does for Fiorentina’s performance on the field and Fiorentina’s global branding off it?

SDC: Ribery is a great hit by Fiorentina. He will be equally important on the pitch and in a global branding of ACF. Barone and Prade did fantastic job with him because there were a lot of clubs ready to roll out the golden carpet to him. But in the end, he chose Fiorentina and it should not taken for granted at all.

Stefano assured me he will be one of the many Fiorentini celebrating the Ribery signing in style.

Grazie mille Stefano!

We look forward next month’s “Non Avere Peli Sulla Lingua”. If you have a subject you want his perspective on, please send them our way. We will log your comments and try our best to include as many of them as possible.