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BatiGol Weekly 233: Thirteen years

Ciao, Davide.

Un Goal per l’Italia - Event
Ciao, Davide.
Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

One year later and it still doesn’t feel real. We love you, Davide.

Latest news

Fiorentina came from behind for a thrilling 3-3 draw in the Coppa Italia on Wednesday. Read all of our usual coverage here, as well as an interview with the brilliant Nigel Mannering of Atalanta Now.

Fiorentina also coughed up a big lead for a dismal 3-1 defeat in Serie A to, you guessed it, Atalanta on Sunday. Full coverage is here.

Chelsea are still trying to shake down Viola legend Adrian Mutu for money 15 years after he played for them. Maybe just let this one drop, guys.

Hamed Junior Traorè’s transfer is allegedly in danger due to a previously-undetected heart condition, but everything’s pretty confused about the whole situation. We just hope that he’s healthy.

Must read

As Federico Chiesa becomes the favorite target of Serie A outrage, we asked you what other atrocities he was responsible for, and you answered.

Comment of the week

Sometimes you need some perspective to really appreciate what a professional athlete like Fede can do. Fortunately, baelfire is on hand to provide it.

Forza Viola!