UCL Matchday 6

Hey All,

I am once again here for support for my fantasy league since I find most of the related forums only discussing budgets and budget player and whether Neymar or Di Maria will play!!!

My current squad after the last transfer window looks like this:

GK: Neuer / Courtois

D: Tagliafici (Ajax) / Arnold (LIV)/ Trippier (ATM)/ Hakimi (BVB)

M: Mahrez / B Silva / Mane / Minamino (Salzburg) / Hazard (BVB) / Ziyech (AJX) / Pasalic (ATA) / Son (TOT)

F: Mertens / Morata (ATM) / Griezmann / Coutinho

Before you judge my squad, please note that there are 5 other players in my fantasy league and duplication is not allowed (not budget based league).

I am hoping many of the other players stars will be rested since their teams have qualified and I should get closer to the top 2 ( current position is third out of 6).

My plan so far with reasoning as follows:

GK: Courtois ( Since Neuer will play against Tottenham)

D: Hakimi and Trippier for cause of easier matches and must wins for dormund and atlitico. The third is a coin toss or if someone has a strong justification.

M: Hazard, Pasalic, Minamino and Mane as they all need wins (I am hoping Liverpool vs Salzburg will be a thriller). Ziyech is consistant and will make the fifth of my Mid. I could add a 6th midfielder if previews assure either Mahrez or Bernardo will play the game against Dinamo zaghreb

F: coutinho and griezmann are yet to play well for either of their new teams so i will keep them benched. My sure starter is Morata even though ATM have not been scoring at all lately but that could change any match while the Napoli saga makes me worry of Mertens

So as explained I will most probably go with 3-6-1 formation or 3-5-2. After i see how Napoli will do against Udinese and Man city against Man UTD.

If you have any tips please fire my way