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Chiesa’s camp meets with Pradè for “constructive encounter”

Sounds like the Viola brass still thinks that Fede’s relationship with the club is salvageable, but that could mean curtains for Montella.

ACF Fiorentina v Parma Calcio - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Given Vincenzo Montella’s recent efforts to alienate his best player (that’s obviously Federico Chiesa), we were all very anxious about the meeting this morning between the Fiorentina brass—Daniele Pradè and Joe Barone foremost amongst the contingent—and Fede’s camp, led by his father (and, if you hadn’t ever heard, former Viola star) Enrico Chiesa. From what we can glean, though, the encounter went pretty well, with a typically unruffled Pradè describing the talks as a “constructive encounter.”

According to Football Italia (and a bunch of others), Enrico didn’t rule out the possibility that his son could extend his contract with Fiorentina, which comes as a pretty big surprise considering the non-stop media speculation that both Inter Milan and Juventus were simply waiting for January to formalize the transfer. However, as both Barone and Pradè separately confirmed that Chiesa hasn’t requested a move away and the player’s camp hasn’t issued any public demands, we have to take that at face value for now.

Again, we’re only heard from Pradè and Barone thus far (and they’re going to spin it as they see fit), so this is a very incomplete picture. However, based on Pradè’s comments about reassessing this year’s goals and Chiesa’s importance to the team, it seems like the brass may be distancing themselves from Vincenzo Montella, who’s gotten awfully unlikeable over the past month without producing any positive results.

After his apparently unprovoked attack on Chiesa’s mental fitness, sacking Montella may be a crucial part of keeping the Italy international happy and in Florence. If it’s between Vinnie and Fede, you’d have to think that Rocco Commisso and company wouldn’t hesitate to hand the mister his marching orders. Of course, we won’t know how this shakes out until things really start happening (ie a new manager or Fede-sale), so we’re stuck guessing until then.