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Transcript from Rocco Commisso press conference

Rocco discusses topics ranging from the Fiorentina org chart, racism in Italy, the new Centro Sportivo and new stadium. 

ACF Fiorentina v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina released today’s transcript from President Rocco Commisso’s press conference to ViolaNation.

Rocco opened the press conference with his own statement. These are his words:

“I want to thank the team, Mr. Montella for giving me the Milenkovic shirt that sealed the victory against Sassuolo, the first I saw as President. It’s a beautiful memory.

My fast, fast, “Fast comes from many examples in my life. When I made a quick decision in my life I always got excellent results. This happened even when I founded Mediacom. I’m instinctive and I like risks. I did that even when I proposed to my wife. The best acquisition I made was to buy EET in 2001. I saved the company from bankruptcy. In 2010-2011 I bought Mediacom [back from being a publicly traded], when the financial market was in crisis.

It [buying Fiorentina] was the best financial decision I ever made. If I hadn’t decided quickly, maybe Fiorentina would now be in other hands and not mine.

The concept of 2 + 2? Two years to do Centro Sportivo and another two years to do the stadium. This is my goal. This morning we went to Bagno a Ripoli and we saw everything. It will not only be the largest in Italy but also the most beautiful. There will be facilities for kids, for girls, for everyone. We have seen Sassuolo’s training ground and tomorrow we are going to see Bologna’s. By November 30th you will see what we will do. We must present our project to the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli. The Centro Sportivo will cost 50 million, not the 10-12 I read.

Thanks to Mediacom we’re going ok. We send the results of the Mediacom every three months. Our debts, despite buying Fiorentina, have decreased compared to a year ago. I am very proud to be President of a company like Mediacom, which allowed me to buy Fiorentina. We have been awarded as The Best Company For Women To Work. I am very proud to have a company with gender equality.

I want to give the right recognition to what Joe Barone is doing. Joe will no longer be my right arm but the new General Manager of Fiorentina. My son doesn’t want to go back with me but wants to stay here, he likes Florence too much. He too, like Joe, will be on the board.

Answering Questions

On the stadium: “They didn’t give me enough options. We started with the restyling of the Franchi which for me was the right idea. The Superintendent made its decision. The curves can’t be eliminated. I don’t want to make a “half and half. I don’t know what will become of the Franchi. I can’t wait months to know how much they want for the Mercafir area. If it’s not done in the right time, I don’t want to do it there. I told the Mayor that I want the team to start playing in the new stadium in September 2023. On the stadium in Campi? The Delle Valles intended to do the sports center there. Now we have decided to do it in Bagno a Ripoli with the utmost respect towards everyone “.

On the January market and the possible purchases: “We didn’t sit down and talk about it yet. I don’t know about that.”

What is the right price for Mercafir’s land? “Zero (laughs). Every year Mediacom will put money for the sponsorship, then the Sports Center and then the stadium. We’ll spend about 400-500 million. It will be the largest investment in the history of Fiorentina. The city must know that to stimulate these investments we need an answer. If it is too high a price, I will not accept it, or start times are not right, I will not.”

On Federico Chiesa and the fans: “The 28 thousand subscriptions are a recognition, with the people who have returned to the stadium to follow Fiorentina. With Chiesa we have no appointment and no agreement, but we will talk soon.”

On the Var and the controversies: “It would be very good for the team to be able to challenge. The referees must be respected because they do their job well. There are still too many doubts. We do not want to give so much criticism. In America we do not talk and argue as much, we should improve on this.”

On the Italian spirit of Fiorentina: “I get so much joy when there are Italian guys on my team who are summoned and represent the National Team. We have good intentions on this. We also want to bring the Tuscan boys to play here with us through some agreements with some companies.”

On racist choirs: “I do not like these choirs. The city of Florence must be an example. 99% of our fans are good, but that minority must not be there, it must change. The Cardinal also asked me to remove this person from the Curve (laughs). We must respect ourselves and the other teams. [On the Sassuolo game] I didn’t hear anything in Reggio Emilia the other day.”