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Fiorentina takes over New York’s Columbus Day Parade with deeply passionate display by Viola fans

Commisso family and Fiorentina show more Fiorentina good will

Rocco with Massimo Ferragamo and John Elkann
Mediacom and Fiorentina

Today was a banner day for Fiorentina. News broke out of Mayor Nardella’s office that the city of Firenze would be selling the land known to Fiorentina fans as Mercafir to Rocco Commisso, ensuring the stadium would be built in a timely manner inside the city limits. It was reported that Federico Chiesa’s injury was not as severe as initially feared. However, it was what happened in New York City that captured our attention.

It’s hard not to look on with anything but pride when you see the pageantry that Fiorentina, Mediacom and the Viola Club of New York put on today in the world’s most important city. On a day Italian-Americans look forward to ever year, this year was particularly prideful for many, and that isn’t reserved for just Fiorentina fans. Based on our limited research, this is the first time a Serie A team has made an appearance in New York City’s annual Columbus Day parade. Many have said that Fiorentina and their passionate fans actually stole the show.


Tom Larsen and Alessandro Pugliese were a huge part of putting together today’s display. Both worked tirelessly for weeks and should be given recognition for their efforts. We appreciate them keeping us as a part of their experience.

Rocco Commisso, Joseph Commisso and Joe Barone were all part festivities on the float. Rocco and Joe Barone joined the float around 65th street and created quite the stir of emotions among the parade watchers. At one point, Rocco was filmed throwing a Fiorentina shirt to a member of the NYPD.

That said, let’s not bury the lead here. There is no one more deserving of being named to the “Columbus Day’s Best Dressed list” than Mediacom’s own Alessandro Pugliese. Alessandro represented Fiorentina in a “Ferregamoian” effort, stuntin’ in his Viola velvet jacket and matching Fiorentina scarf. I’ve heard rumors of a lifetime contract in the works from Ferragamo’s people.

Hard to find two better representatives of Fiorentina than Alessandro Pugliese and Joseph Commisso.
Alessandro Pugliese

Alessandro Pugliese, Mediacom Specialist - Government & Public Relations:

“It was a fantastic day to have ACF Fiorentina represented in the New York Columbus Day Parade. We had many passionate fans in attendance, even some who traveled from Florence! We are grateful to the Viola Club of New York who came out in full support of Fiorentina. Forza Viola!”

Tom Larsen, Mediacom SVP of Government and Public Relations:

“I thought the Fiorentina float was a huge success. The Viola Club of New York showed up in full force. With their help we gave away 300 NY Loves ACF Fiorentina shirts. It was a perfect day!”

Viola Club of New York

As Viola Clubs globally become more and more important in Fiorentina and Rocco Commisso’s plans, there can be no better display of their value than what the VCNY showed in NYC. Their passion for club, city and country was visible throughout. Hard not to be contagious, or so we should all hope!

Alessandro Sisto, President of VNCY:

“The biggest emotion was listening to the Fiorentina anthem while cruising down 5th Avenue together with all the people that came to support the club with us dressed in Viola. We were like a drop of Viola here in New York City, but I would say it was a big drop of Viola!”

Alessandro Sisto with Joseph Commisso
Alessandro Sisto

Roberto Consales: Joe made the trip to support Fiorentina on the float with his daughter Nicoletta and son Lorenzo. He told us the three of them had a great time.

“It was a beautiful event and a wonderful day for Italians here in the United States. It was fun to see people cheering for Fiorentina and our float. So many people asking to get some of our Viola shirts (New York loves ACF Fiorentina).”

Roberto with son and daughter
Roberto Consales

Grazie famiglia Commisso, Fiorentina, Mediacom e VCNY!

Forza Viola!

New additions this morning, just approved by Rocco for us to post here. Enjoy our great President!