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BatiGol Weekly 220: Breathless

In which we discuss fixture congestion, having too much to do, and oh god will it ever end?

ACF Fiorentina v Udinese - Serie A
You leave me (aaah) breathless.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The past two weeks have felt like a sprint through 3 matches in 7 days, and it’s not letting up any time soon. Tuesday sees Fiorentina travel to Milan to take on Inter, and Sunday brings Atalanta to the Franchi. For those keeping track at home, that will make a ridiculous 5 matches against teams in the top half over the previous 2 weeks.

And yes, in case you were wondering, it is E X H A U S T I N G. I don’t think I’ve ever been busier as a writer on this site, since writing up match previews and match reviews requires researching opponents and reviewing my notes from the game and generally going back over everything two or three times. Just thinking about it has me feeling lightheaded, ready to go have a beer or three before collapsing on my couch and watching Mad Max: Fury Road to relax (trust me, it’s very therapeutic). I can only imagine how gassed the players who’ve been, like, running for this whole time feel.

Sure, it’s a young team with lots of energy and sure, the boys spent a lot of the SPAL match in cruise control and sure, most of the key players have gotten breathers through this unforgiving autumn. But you know what? I’m ready to slow things back down again so that I can spend as much time digesting each match as I’d like to have, rather than hearing the final whistle and rushing on to start learning about whoever Fiorentina plays three days later.

I really want a moment to enjoy the Viola sitting in third, trailing just Juventus and Napoli. I want a moment to let that Serie A leading goal difference sink in. I want a moment to, uh, oh shit the team’s already in Milan to play Inter and I probably missed something important already.

I just want a moment to catch my breath.

Latest news

Fiorentina replayed what was meant to be their Week 1 match at Sampdoria in the midweek and came away with a point that somehow still managed to feel disappointing. Here is our full coverage.

On the other hand, the return to the Franchi saw the lads crush SPAL in their best performance of the year. Here is our full coverage, which is probably a much more enjoyable read.

We marked the 10 year anniversary of the DVs proposing a new stadium with...another round of delays. Yeah, that seems about right.

A bunch of Viola fans acted like real dingdongs at the Napoli match and got Fiorentina fined, and it’s just goddamn embarrassing for all the other supporters.

Don’t forget that Fiorentina travel to the San Siro tomorrow to take on Inter Milan. The preview is already up, and we’ll have our usual coverage available as well.

Must read

We’re continuing our efforts to find the greatest-ever Fiorentina XI, which means that it’s time to vote for the centerbacks.

And hey, may as well get the rightbacks too, right?

This is mandatory for all you Football Manager players: a countdown of the top 20 Fiorentina youth prospects. Have a look at numbers 20-16.

We managed to get ahold of Serpents of the Madonnina writer Édouard Germain, who gave us some insight into the Nerazzuro camp ahead of this one. Thanks, Édouard.


How are you coping with the non-stop Viola schedule of late?

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  • 7%
    Bowling. Driving around. The occasional acid flashback.
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  • 50%
    Fine. Dealing fine. Maybe drinking an extra espresso every day, but fine. Okay, maybe like, 4 or 5 extra esspressi. But totally fine. Okay, I lost count of how many I had. Is the universe supposed to be vibrating like this?
    (20 votes)
  • 5%
    Meditation tapes with Sebastian Frey. Now featuring 50% more whale noises per hour.
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  • 10%
    Called in sick to work until this absurd run is over.
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  • 27%
    qweoiuhsfv;lkjqwpeoihaggp asdfpasdoasdfpoijzxcvzij;xcijvpqweoihf
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Comment of the week

Says a lot about where we—by which I mean the team, the media, the fans, and the fine folks who hang around here—are when this has more than twice as many recs as any other comment this week.

That’s it for this week, folks. Have a look at the leaves changing color. They’re lovely.