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Fiorentina (feat. Capo Lee) by Kota Banks, It’s Actually A Song

Yes this is a thing...

ACF Fiorentina v Cagliari Calcio - Serie A
“Huh? What is this song?”
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

When flipping through the interwebs you never know what you are going to find. This month in all the craziness of transfer season, artist Kota Banks comes out with the song “Fiorentina.” Let’s take that in for a moment. Alright time to regroup. At first glance, who is Kota Banks?

In the world of Taylor Swift, Drake, Justin Beiber, and (insert name of your favorite artist). Kota Banks is essentially an unknown. She does have 24.7K followers on Twitter which is only slightly higher than myself and apparently is a rising star in the Australian music scene. Unless you are AC/DC, Sia, the Bee Gees, or Kylie Minogue, I probably have not heard of you as an Australian Musician. That does not mean she is bad or does not have a future, it just means that this is all out of nowhere to us Fiorentina fans. The real test is that Kota Banks does not have a Wikipedia page. Until she does, she will be not be considered a celebrity to me.

Alright enough about that. The song itself sounds like someone took a pop song on the radio and tried to make it about football. It tries, but the problem is besides the name there isn’t much content about Fiorentina. Here I was thinking she’d be listing players names and talking about the history of the team...nope. She talked about “FIFA and reefer,” which is a little disappointing. The beginning starts with a radio call from a FIorentina game and that’s about the only reference to the team at all. The biggest slap in the face to Fiorentina fans is that the girls in the video are wearing a Federico Bernardeschi and Mohamed Salah Jerseys. At least get jerseys of players on the current squad. Don’t all girls love Federico Chiesa and Giovanni Simeone? Salah and Bernardeschi haven’t been on the team in over a season now.

My last strong negative about this video is that it sounds like a girl that just studied abroad in Florence. Apparently Kota Banks at one point lived in Florence and has a lineage in the region. So as someone proud of her culture she should be less excited about making a song about her drug use in the city. Playing FIFA is fun and all, but she could have called it “FIFA and Reefer” and it would have been a hit.

At the end of the day, it is not the worst song I have heard in the past month. In fact, it is catchy enough where I may even listen to it again. The song may end up being a hit in Australia, if it is then definitely let us know. If this is not your speed though, here is a song we can all enjoy together.