New to Viola Nation


I am brand new to this wonderful blog and Fiorentina fandom. I'll be living on a farm near Siena for 3 months this fall and wanted to be able to root for a regional team. The Violas seemed to be a natural fit.

Admittedly though, I am a blank slate when it comes to the team and Serie A. I've been a Liverpool and FC Basel fan for close to 15 years now and have recently begun cheering for the hapless Periquitos in La Liga (Espanyol... an odd choice but my brother has married into a family with season tickets so, Jo t'estimo Espanyol!)

I'm here to ask for your help! What do I need to know about the team that wikipedia has not already told me? Who are our biggest rivals? Do we have a derby match? What sort of formation and tactics does Pioli use? Who are the biggest stars on the team and who will the team be built around? Any prospects I should be aware of?

Looking forward to learning more about this storied club!