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Let the Goalie Rumors Roll In

Who would you rather Bartlomiej Dragowski or Vicente Guaita?

Getafe v CD Tenerife - La Liga 2
I mean this guy would be alright in Florence.
Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

La Viola put themselves in an interesting situation this off-season. They decided to let go a stable goalkeeper and either go with a young unproven commodity or sign a veteran. The young keeper on the roster that will get an opportunity is Bartlomiej Dragowski. We at ViolaNation, or maybe it was just me have been wanting to see more of the young Pole for a while now. This may finally be the opportunity to see what Bart can bring to the table. it is actually very exciting because he was one of the most exciting goalie prospects when Fiorentina transferred for him two years ago. He also is still just 20 years old which makes it even more exciting.

Dragowski did get some playing time this season and was honestly a solid number two keeper. Sportiello was a very capable keeper and will certainly be missed. The question is whether Bart has what it takes to bring his game to the next level. If Pioli just hands him the job out of the game, look for the young keeper to have some great and very rough games. He will only get better with more reps.

The other option is jumping into the transfer market and getting a keeper. This is almost guaranteed to happen. There is no world where Panteleo Corvino sticks with Bart and leaves Michele Cerofolini as the backup. That is just too much youth to leave in such an important position. A name that has been thrown out there is Vicente Guaita. The 31 year old Spanish keeper most recently played with Getafe of La Liga.

Signing Getafe on a free transfer would not be a bad situation. The veteran goalie has a lot of experience and would be a decent stopgap if Dragowski is not ready to take over. Guaita is a solid player that had 12 clean sheets last season. He will bring the veteran presence to the back line that Fiorentina will need with the loss of Sportiello.

At the end of the day, Bart is the more exciting choice. There will be a lot of other rumors to come until Fiorentina actually signs a keeper. It would be shocking if they do not sign anyone to man the position and go with the current two guys. For now just dream of Dragowski finally getting a shot.