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BatiGol Weekly 110: Bidi bidi bom bom

In which we discuss love, longing, and not regretting a damn thing.

ACF Fiorentina v KKS Lech Poznan - UEFA Europa League
Cada vez que lo veo pasar, mi corazón se enloquece y me empieza a palpitar.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Well, that’s another Fiorentina season in the books. Once again, the Viola finish without any silverware, without European competition, without a set team identity, and without any solid future. The roster is full of holes, the man in charge of getting the most out of it sure doesn’t seem up to the task. The management isn’t providing the right players, and the ownership isn’t providing enough money. As the rest of Serie A trends upwards, Firenze’s finest are pointing down.

And it’s not fair, because Fiorentina have done everything right this year. Last year made it abundantly clear that the Viola had progressed as far as they could in the project they’d begun under Vincenzo Montella 5 years ago. Clearing out every valuable and popular player on the roster hurt, but we all knew it was the right choice, especially as Corvino re-invested in a raft of talented and hungry youngsters. After half a decade of Montella-style possession play, the club brought in a manager in Stefano Pioli who had a reputation for well-drilled, direct football and record of nurturing talented young attackers.

Things started off pretty roughly, of course. None of these players knew each other, and it was quite clear in how the expressed themselves on the pitch. While there were promising moments, we saw a lot more chaos than development. Still, though, everyone knows that every long-term rebuild comes with some real bumps along the way. Even with all the adversity, we could hold out hope that we were seeing a foundation that would catapult Fiorentina into the future.

Instead, we got tragedy. The death of Davide Astori hit everyone so hard in their most vulnerable places; I was too distraught and distracted to get anything done for a week, and I can only imagine it was worse for his teammates. After such an unspeakable and unforeseen loss, nobody would have held it against the lads to crumble into mid- or lower-table over the rest of the year.

Instead, they responded with the sort of collective effort and teamwork that’s usually reserved for Disney movies. A record-setting win streak rocketed Fiorentina back into the Europa conversation. Vitor Hugo and Nikola Milenković showed that they were ready to step into the captain’s shoes. Jordan Veretout began bossing the midfield. Giovanni Simeone became a goal-scoring monster. Federico Chiesa bloomed into a genuine international-quality winger. The Viola, according to the narrative, had grown a beautiful season out of an infinite sadness.

It couldn’t last. With this team, it never does. A late season swoon probably wasn’t that surprising, considering the inexperience all over the side. A few poor results saw the team lose focus, and things went from bad to worse. With two weeks left, Fiorentina simply needed to win its two remaining matches to qualify for the Europa League. Instead, the team melted down completely. The 8th place finish they achieved that would have felt like a triumph a few months ago suddenly turned to ashes in the mouth. And now, there are rumors that every top player in the squad is on the outs for a second year running: Chiesa, Milan Badelj, Veretout, Simeone, Cristiano Biraghi. Just like that, we’re right back where we were last year.

And you know what? I cannot imagine anything that is more emblematic of Fiorentina. An indifferent start followed by tremendous adversity followed by magnificence followed by heartbreak is the cycle that every edition of the Viola goes through. We aren’t here because we want trophies or silverware or success. We’re here because we’re romantics and Fiorentina is, underneath all the heartbreak and the woe, a romantic side. It’s been an odd and painful season, and I hope we never have to suffer through another one, and I wouldn’t trade if for anything.


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Comment of the week

Gaze upon the majesty of Gigi Bouffant, courtesy the magical workshop of Catalogue.

That’s it for this week, folks. Breathe deeply.