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Just Like The Other Giovanni Simeone Could Be On His Way Out

Tottenham and Juventus need to back away and leave him alone

ACF Fiorentina v SSC Napoli - Serie A
Please don’t go we just started getting to know you
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Anytime Fiorentina gets a young player that shows potential, there is speculation that a top European team will come in and take them away. The newest name in the saga is Giovanni Simeone. It makes complete sense given the performances he has been putting on of late. Simeone is the definition of a streaky striker. He went eight games without scoring a goal and then has been basically unstoppable since. Of course right after Simeone scores three against Napoli, the rumors start shooting out.

That leads us to this frustrating speculation today. Apparently, Tottenham and Juventus are interested in bringing about Simeone during the summer transfer window. Tottenham most Fiorentina fans can deal with. Losing another young prospect to Juventus would be devastating. Simeone is not perfect, but the la viola faithful have accepted him as their own. He has the championship pedigree that fans have been hungry for.

At this point it is all speculation. Rumors get started and then something is either very close to being true or completely far away from the truth. Juventus sounds like exactly the team that Fiorentina would do business with. Fiorentina is essentially the minor league team for Juventus at times. It is beyond frustrating. La Viola needs to keep their young players if they want to grow into a team that can win a championship.

Right now it looks like Juventus and Tottenham are the only two suitors. That will change very quickly, do not be shocked if Simeone is on the move as quickly as he arrived. Fiorentina fans will be disappointed, but you cannot blame the guy. He wants to play for a Champions League title. Right now he cannot do that with Fiorentina.