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Ex-Fiorentina midfielder Manfredini sentenced to 8 months

Not paying child support is a bad thing to do.

Azzurri Stars Team Training Session Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

42-year-old Ivorian-Italian midfielder Christian Manfredini has been sentenced to 8 months in prison by a judge in Turin for refusing to pay child support. His daughter Camille, now 22 years old, was born in 1995 and confirmed as Manfredini’s own by DNA test, brought action after years of rejection by her father.

Manfredini fathered the child while he was still in the Juventus youth system, but left Turin on a peripatetic career that took him all over Italy shortly thereafter. Despite numerous attempts from Camille and her mother to contact him, the twice-capped Ivorian international refused, citing the rigors of a professional career. His defense, however, claimed that his relationship with both was not nearly as frosty as Camille claims.

He did acknowledge that he was the child’s father after taking a DNA test, which was grounds for the judge to find him guilty of “violation of obligation of assistance to a family member.” He was also fined €500 by the court and ordered to pay €6,500 in restitution.

The daughter’s lawyer explained, “It’s not a question of money, but it would have been appropriate for Manfredini to recover the relationship with his daughter. They only have one picture together in twenty years of life, and never spent a birthday or a Christmas together.”

Manfredini spent the 2003-2004 season on loan at Fiorentina from Lazio, scoring once in his eleven appearances. He was serving as the coach of an amateur side at the time of sentencing, and he will serve his term in Turin.