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The curious case of Milan Badelj

Milan Badelj’s time in Florence is almost up but should he still be here?

SSC Napoli v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
Should he stay or should he go?
Photo Franco Romano/Nurphoto

Milan Badelj is one appearance away from 100 Serie A games for the Viola, but it’s been apparent for some time, that his future is not in Florence.

Speaking with SportItalia, Corvino has spoken regarding the future of Badelj:

“As the intelligent people that we are, we know we can’t put pressure on him in his choice.

“We’ve talked about it and I think he’s still dubious as to what to do, he’s not convinced of renewing but we’ll wait without great pressure on players.

The Croatians current deal expires June 30 this year which begs the question why aren’t Fiorentina looking to get some money for the midfielder?

The club really should have attempted to tie down Badelj in the summer. However, after they were unable to find an agreement, Milan Badelj simply should not be at the club. Business wise the club have made some poor decisions as he is still at the club and subsequently Fiorentina will get zero transfer fee for the midfielder. In the past, the 28-year-old has been linked with AC Milan and Tottenham but nothing has ever come to fruition.

It’s obvious that the Croat is not really keen on being a Fiorentina player for the long haul. With Szymon Żurkowski the latest to be linked with the club it’s obvious that to progress they are looking towards the future in scouting for a replacement.

All being said and done, when Badelj does eventually leave the club, he’s had a good career at Fiorentina. He’s been ever-present in the midfield and an incredibly solid player.