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Fiorentina cast gaze towards Souček

Trademark Corvino.


With January in full swing and the rumour mill deep into its annual gyration, Fiorentina being linked with a promising, young eastern European is no surprise. This time its Czech midfielder Tomáš Souček. The 22-year-old currently pays his trade for Czech side Slavia Prague.

Despite his dominating frame and his hang-dog looks, Souček comes across as fairly comfortable on the ball. Composure and assurance is a nailed on necessity should he slot into the midfield, likely in Milan Badelj’s absence. Carlos Sanchez’ lack of playing time is no secret, and a move out of Florence this month is the most likely option for the Colombian. Fiorentina certainly wouldn’t be missing a lot should he go, and a departing Colombian would give Corvino the chance to indulge in his usual Corvino-ness by signing Souček.

Having been capped 8 times by the Czech National side, and having previously made 13 appearances for the U21 and 9 for the U19, it is glaringly apparent that Souček’s rise is born from his natural talent. On top of this, Souček was nominated for Czech Talent Of The Year in 2015.

Should Fiorentina make the move for Souček, expect the fee to be minimal. A low-risk high-reward type of signing is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Fiorentina in recent times, and so far this season such a strategy hasn't been too detrimental.