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La Gazzetta Dello Sport releases 2017/18 Player Salaries

Money, money, money, must be funny, when you see you're being paid half of what Fabio Borini is earning...

ACF Fiorentina v UC Sampdoria - Serie A
'Marco, friend to friend, could I ask a favour? My wage doesn't cover my hair transplant and I was wondering..."
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

So, as a natural accompaniment to the the release of the annual Coach salaries, Gazzetta dS has followed up this startlingly confidential information with a full page spread listing the exact annual salary of each Serie A player. Despite finding the release of such information slightly odd, it is of course a staple of the Serie A season, and there are no prizes so guessing where Fiorentina's wage bill sits within the rankings.

Heading the list is no other the Khouma Babacar on a healthy €1.4m per annum through to 2019. While its been common knowledge that Babacar was certainly well paid by the club, and rightly so, he has since inherited the top spot given some of the high priority departures like Valero and Gonzalo. Beneath him sits €1.3m per annum worth of Davide Astori, which is again arguably, money well spent. Given both player's senior status within the squad, their salary is naturally befitting, and noting the obvious attempts to trim the wage bill over the summer, the rest of the squad sit between the €0.7m to €0.5m bracket. Sportiello and Pezzella pull in €0.6m per annum, with Eysseric and Thereau earning just €0.1m more than the previous two.

In relation to the rest of the Serie A, Fiorentina wage bill sits comfortably in the middle of the road, believe it or not. It isn't exactly the peanuts Benevento pay their players, nor is it the €7.5m per annum Juventus pay for Homer Simpso... sorry I meant Gonzalo Higuaín. Lets hope that the mediocre wage bill doesn't act as an incentive for Fiorentina to down tools and completely forget how to play football, wait, that might have actually started already...

The full breakdown can be found here: