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What to do with Cyril Thereau?

It is fun to over analyze early in the season.

ACF Fiorentina v Atalanta BC - Serie A
Yea we are lost too...
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Cyril Thereau is no stranger to professional football. The 34 year old striker is clearly one of the more experienced players on the roster. His main problem is that he has not necessarily performed to what fans were hoping for. It is definitely possible that the frenchman will turn his season around, after only playing in three games so far. The fact of the matter is that he will be an alright player in the Fiorentina attack, but nothing is exciting about Thereau. Other players should get an opportunity to succeed in the lineup until Thereau can prove he is the necessary piece to the puzzle for Stefano Pioli. Who could potentially replace Thereau in the Fiorentina attack?

Federico Chiesa

Chiesa is one of the most exciting players on the Fiorentina roster. He gets plenty of playing time, but might actually be served pretty well in the middle of the pitch. Normally we see the prodigy patrolling one of the wings on the field. He does an excellent job there, but might his shot creation and finishing skills would work well in a central attacking midfield position. Chiesa is easily one of the most technically gifted attackers on the team. He probably would benefit from moving to the middle just like Bernardeschi did last year. This would speed up the center of the pitch by having Chiesa directly behind Giovanni Simeone.

Valentin Eysseric

The number 10 should actually play in the number 10 position. Eysseric is wearing the number of someone that should be on the field most of the time. Sure the number on the back of the jersey does not really mean much, but it kind of does. Eysseric was brought in to be a big part of the Fiorentina attack. The 25 year old should get a real chance to show how he can play. As fans we have not really gotten a chance to see what Eysseric can do. It is still extremely early in the season, but he has not gotten enough opportunities to prove his worth.

Ianis Hagi

Hagi is one of the most exciting prospects on the Fiorentina roster. He has plenty of pace and can be a great addition to the front four. It is definitely possible that Hagi is not ready to take over a position on a full time basis. At the same time, it could not hurt to give the kid a shot. He has the pedigree to become the next great Fiorentina player. Hagi is more likely to be a winger, but his play making ability would also go well in the middle of the pitch. Hagi is probably the most exciting choice because that would mean the future is now. Stefano Pioli would be wise to give the young prospect a shot in the middle though.

All of these options would be fun to see in Thereau’s place. It is still early in the season and definitely not time to give up on Thereau as a player. He probably would be best served to come off the bench when the team needs a veteran presence. Kind of a similar mold to how Paolo Sousa was using Josip Ilicic towards the end of last season. Who would you like to see get some more playing time in the Fiorentina attack?