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PES 2018 Fiorentina Player Ratings

We can all agree its great to have a soccer video game out with the season underway.

Juventus v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
Everyone is happy with their rankings
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

It is that time of year, where football has already started and fans are waiting for their favorite games to replicate what their team’s are doing on the field. Well in some cases not replicate what their teams are doing. Rarely do we see more than one video game for a sport anymore but for football there are two games FIFA and PES. PES is out and ready to go for football fans while FIFA fans still have to wait another couple of days. No matter which game your preference is, it is fun to check out how companies rate the Fiorentina players.


Marco Sportiello - 79

Bartłomiej Drągowski - 72

Michele Cerofolini - 58

These numbers seem pretty spot on, Sportiello is the clear number one, but definitely has some flaws in his game. Drągowski probably could be higher, but his limited action makes it difficult to project his actual skillset in a video game and Cerofolini is a young keeper that needs more experience.


Davide Astori - 81

Vitor Hugo - 78

Germán Pezzella - 77

Cristiano Biraghi - 75

Vincent Laurini - 74

Maximiliano Olivera - 73

Bruno Gaspar - 73

Nikola Milenković - 68

Luca Ranieri - 61

Top things that jump out about these rankings are that Astori is obviously the best defender on the team and is ranked highest. That is a fair assessment by the staff at Kunami. Also the right backs are terrible compared to the rest of the defense. Vincent Laurini and Bruno Gaspar are the two right backs in the game and they are not ranked highly at all. The rankings are definitely fair based on some recent blunders on the pitch, but that just stood out. Most of these rankings are fair and show the actual makeup of the defense. Also Luca Ranieri is currently with La Primavera, but that is ok he can be in the game too.


Milan Badelj - 80

Marco Benassi - 79

Riccardo Saponara - 79

Valentin Eysseric - 79

Carlos Sánchez - 79

Jordan Veretout - 77

Federico Chiesa - 75

Sebastián Cristóforo - 75

Ianis Hagi - 66

Marco Meli - 58

First of all Milan Badelj should be lower. He is a fine player, but not second best player on the team good. Maybe its because he is a little boring to watch, but an 80 rating is a little high. Another disturbing sign is that Chiesa and Cristóforo are considered equal in this game. Sure Chiesa should not be ranked too much higher than he is, but Cristóforo is definitely a step below the young winger. The four guys ranked 79 are all pretty fair, Sánchez should probably be a little lower. Veretout should also be up with the guys ranked 79 as well. The midfield was a little less realistic, but overall pretty fine.


Cyril Théréau - 79

Giovanni Simeone - 77

Khouma Babacar - 77

Gil Dias - 74

Rafik Zekhnini - 70

Simone Lo Faso - 66

Riccardo Sottil - 61

Gabriele Gori - 60

The forwards included some wingers too. Honestly, it is tough to pick positions for some of the players in video games because they move around the pitch. For instance is Chiesa a forward or a midfielder? It does not really matter what his position says because you can put him in your correct scheme anyway. With that being said, these rankings are pretty spot on. Simeone and Théréau may flip flop by the end of the season but for now they are in the right places. Babacar also may jump up the latter a little. Gil Dias is a solid player and could be ranked a little higher. He probably is a 74 because the developers had no idea about him before he came to Italy.

If PES is not your game no worries, when the FIFA rosters come out we will have those up and be able to compare the two games. Let us know what you think of the rankings of the Fiorentina players on Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.