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Jordan Veretout is the Real Deal

Well lets hope this wasn’t a fluke

Hellas Verona FC v ACF Fiorentina - Serie A
This Shot Was Unreal
Photo by Mario Carlini / Iguana Press/Getty Images

Not so long ago, Fiorentina fans were lost and confused on where this team was going. A few rough losses to Inter Milan and Sampdoria had fans contemplating watching American Football instead of Fiorentina on Sundays. Luckily week three had a different result. Now it is not time to get too excited because Hellas Verona looked a little lost out there. A win is a win and it is time to look at one of the biggest positives of the match against Hellas Verona. That is the play of Jordan Veretout.

When Federico Bernardsechi left Florence for the dark side, the one play that stood out during his time with Fiorentina was the free kick against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Europa League last season.

If that kick does not bring back great memories of the former Fiorentina winger, then nothing will. The point is Paulo Sousa had a free kick wizard in the making in Bernardeschi and they let him go without any real replacement.

In steps Jordan Veretout. Before coming to Fiorentina, Veretout was a bit of a journeyman in terms of professional football. He started his career with his youth club, Nantes, when Veretout was regarded as a solid prospect with a bright future. From there he was transferred to Aston Villa in England in 2015. His career in England was not as successful as anyone would have liked. While playing 25 games for Aston Villa Veretout did not hit the back of the net once. After a loan spell with AS Saint-Étienne in France, that brings us to his arrival in Florence. The Serie A is a place for many players to reclaim success. Just look at stories like Mohamed Salah, Marcos Alonso, Juan Cuadrado, and even Nikola Kalinic. Basically, if things do not work out in England players have a chance to still be great in Italy.

Jordan Veretout looks like he might be a great central midfielder. On top of that, Veretout has a great shot and has consistently put himself into great situations to score. He also has taken a page out of Bernardeschi’s book in the free kick department. Just check out this strike against Hellas Verona.

With skills like that, there is a lot to be excited about. It will be fun to see what happens this season and Veretout is an important part of this team.