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Fiorentina named third best in Italy in latest UEFA Coefficient's

Sporting CP v Fiorentina - Pre-Season Friendly
La Roca has begun his quest for Coefficient domination.
Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

While this may not set your world on fire, the latest UEFA Club Coefficients are out, and yes, believe it or not, La Viola are up to third. Trailing quite predictably Juventus and Napoli, the new rankings if anything indicate that despite this summer's transfer debacle, Fiorentina are at least doing *something* right.

Overall, Fiorentina sit in 20th, with FC Zenit and AS Monaco FC sitting in 19th and 21st respectively. 'Why in the heck should we care about this?' I hear you cry. Well, the fact of the matter is this doesn't really mean a lot for Fiorentina's onfield antics, but one thing is does affect is their seeding in future European Competitions.

This coefficient will have little impact on this season's campaign however, because strangely enough, Fiorentina didn't manage to qualify for European competition last time out and I like every other Viola fan am absolutely baffled as to why not...

Irony aside, Fiorentina's place as the third highest ranked team is encouraging and keeps the off-field ship steady, despite the on-field ship resembling the Titanic post Iceberg.

The Coefficients themselves are calculated on the performances of the clubs in the five previous seasons, and this in turn determines the ranking and thus the seedings. Considering Fiorentina's recent European history isn't totally awful, La Viola are in good stead for future European conquests.

Last years term saw them rack up a total of 13.85 points, notably more than Athletic Club, Tottenham Hotspur FC and Besiktas JK. Quite hilariously, this years coefficient stands at the mightily impressive 0.2 points, but its not like we didn't see that coming.

While this whole site seems on the brink of civil war given recent Fiorentina related events, this is a bit of positive news which may or may not pacify you during your quest for Bernardeschi's head on a stick.