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Take a look at Fiorentina’s Serie A schedule

Could be worse. Could be a lot better, too.

ACF Fiorentina v Empoli FC - Serie A
Give us a bit of applause. Not too much.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Serie A held its draw for the season schedule today, and as a result we finally know how the 2017-2018 Fiorentina season will look. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but it looks like an absolute doozy. On the positive side, though, it’ll finish earlier than usual to allow Italy time to rehearse before the World Cup. So at least it won’t drag on too long, right? Right? Anyways, without further ado, here are your Viola fixtures.

Week 1—20 August 2017

Inter Milan vs Fiorentina

Week 2—27 August 2017

Fiorentina vs Sampdoria

Week 3—10 September 2017

Hellas Verona vs Fiorentina

Week 4—17 September 2017

Fiorentina vs Bologna

Week 5—20 September 2017

Juventus vs Fiorentina

Week 6—24 September 2017

Fiorentina vs Atalanta

Week 7—1 October 2017

Chievo Verona vs Fiorentina

Week 8—15 October 2017

Fiorentina vs Udinese

Week 9—22 October 2017

Benevento vs Fiorentina

Week 10—25 October 2017

Fiorentina vs Torino

Week 11—29 October 2017

Crotone vs Fiorentina

Week 12—5 November 2017

Fiorentina vs AS Roma

Week 13—19 November 2017

SPAL vs Fiorentina

Week 14—26 November 2017

Lazio vs Fiorentina

Week 15—3 December 2017

Fiorentina vs Sassuolo

Week 16—10 December 2017

Napoli vs Fiorentina

Week 17—17 December 2017

Fiorentina vs Genoa

Week 18—23 December 2017

Cagliari vs Fiorentina

Week 19—30 December 2017

Fiorentina vs AC Milan

Week 20—6 January 2018

Fiorentina vs Inter Milan

Week 21—21 January 2018

Sampdoria vs Fiorentina

Week 22—28 January 2018

Fiorentina vs Hellas Verona

Week 23—4 February 2018

Bologna vs Fiorentina

Week 24—11 February 2018

Fiorentina vs Juventus

Week 25—18 February 2018

Atalanta vs Fiorentina

Week 26—25 February 2018

Fiorentina vs Chievo Verona

Week 27—4 March 2018

Udinese vs Fiorentina

Week 28—11 March 2018

Fiorentina vs Benevento

Week 29—18 March 2018

Torino vs Fiorentina

Week 30—31 March 2018

Fiorentina vs Crotone

Week 31—8 April 2018

AS Roma vs Fiorentina

Week 32—15 April 2018

Fiorentina vs SPAL

Week 33—18 April 2018

Fiorentina vs Lazio

Week 34—22 April 2018

Sassuolo vs Fiorentina

Week 35—29 April 2018

Fiorentina vs Napoli

Week 36—6 May 2018

Genoa vs Fiorentina

Week 37—13 May 2018

Fiorentina vs Cagliari

Week 38—20 May 2018

AC Milan vs Fiorentina

Some thoughts

  • Talk about starting off with a bang against Borja Valero and Inter in Milan in the first match
  • Back-to-back visits from the Milan sides, followed up by a visit from Samp, mean that the new year could start out unpleasantly
  • If Fiorentina need a last-fixture miracle for any reason, we may as well acknowledge that it won’t happen against Milan at the San Siro
  • In fact, everything from Week 31 on looks rough, so the team will need to come flying out the gates if it wants to play in Europe next year
  • None of the games that involve less than a week are set up to be too difficult, at least on paper

That’s what I’ve gotten out of it after looking through for a bit. What do you see that looks really bad?