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Matias Kranevitter linked to Fiorentina move

The Argentinian would join Cristoforo, Sanchez, and erm, who else?

Sevilla FC v Juventus - UEFA Champions League
Kranevitter getting acquainted with the Devil.
Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

Matias Kranevitter. A name known to those with a particularly keen eye on Latin American football, but your average fan could be forgiven for not quite grasping who this plucky little South American is. Signed by Atletico Madrid from River Plate in 2015, the Argentinan terrier operates a midfielder, and is primarily a more defensive player, known for his timing in the tackle and his shielding abilities; however this is not to underestimate his turn of pace and ability to probe the opposition with sharp, forward runs. His time at Atetico has been limited however, and the midfielder found himself playing under Jorge Sampaoli last year at Sevilla. Despite failing to break into the first team at Sevilla, there is clear potential there, and Fiorentina might just be the club willing to take a gamble on him.

A move for Kranevitter would have all the hallmarks of a Corvino special; cheap and likely on an initial loan with a view to purchase outright sometime next year. Tactically, the team, is well, down to its bare bones pretty much everywhere imaginable. However, with Pioli shaping up to play what looks like a two man pivot next season, Kranevitter could see himself being an important part of the dtysfunctioning, slighty faulty Fiorentina machine. With Veretout having just been added to the squad, the midfield area is beginning to take shape just in time for the new season; its a shame this cant be said for the rest of the squad...

As always, here is your customary, free of charge compilation video. Of course, I'd sincerely advise you to hit that mute button ASAP, however in this case, do it really, really ASAP, unless you want your IQ to significantly drop.

But hey, a move for a clearly talented, well fancied midfielder wouldn't be a bad thing. With our other two new-ish South Americans, Cristoforo and Sanchez contrasting in their debut seasons, Kranevitter would seemingly settle in well at a squad level. Watch this space.