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Fiorentina Keen on Ben Yedder

Let the list of Kalinic replacements begin

Cerezo Osaka v Sevilla FC - Preseason Friendly
He would look better in purple
Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Just when we thought that Fiorentina was trying to get rid of all the star power on the team and go with a youth movement, something like a Ben Yedder rumor pops up. Going into next season la viola is going to look a lot different than the end of last season. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but beloved players have already left while others seem to be on there way out. As you can tell the sadness over the almost inevitable loss of Bernardeschi is painful. Life must go on though and as it goes on teams need to replace production with new production. That leads us to Wassim Ben Yedder.

To be honest the French striker would be a welcome addition to Fiorentina. He has the speed and finishing ability that would fit perfectly on the pitch for Stefano Pioli. The problem is his price tag. Ben Yedder’s current team Sevilla is looking for a €20 million fee for the striker’s services. A normal team would probably have no problem paying that, but frugal Fiorentina will certainly look for a different option. Sure there will be money coming from Bernardeschi and maybe Kalinic, but it just seems like a dream to pay that much for a player to come to Florence.

The only way this will possibly happen though is if Nikola Kalinic leaves. He seems to be trying really hard to get out of Florence. If that is the case, the obvious replacement would be Khouma Babacar not Ben Yedder. If you have money laying around though why not spend it on a young asset? Maybe that is what the Della Valle brothers are thinking. If that is the case, bring in Wassim Ben Yedder. He is 26 years old and would flourish as a Kalinic replacement.