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Update on a Potential Sale of Fiorentina

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg Wants in on the Action

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Delivers Commencement Address At Harvard
Zuckerberg wants to be a football owner. Why not in Florence?
Photo by Paul Marotta/Getty Images

As already touched upon here at Violanation, Fiorentina may be up for sale by the Della Valle family. Some may rejoice at these words while others remember the dark days when Florence did not have a team before the Diego Della Valle swooped in to save football in the Tuscan city. Either way, it seems like the team is looking for a new buyer. That leads us to the slight new news regarding the sale. According to Marco Bellinazzo of the Calcio and business blog, the Della Valle brothers had a meeting with Alessio Sundas, football agent and manager Sport Man about the sale of the team.

The article goes on to talk about the potential of 100 million euros as the price the club would go for. If you ask me that is a bargain. Some athletes in professional sports make about half that in a year. To be clear Sundas was not looking to purchase the team on his own, he was just the representative from his group. The staggering part of the whole ordeal is that the Della Valle brothers seem to not be interested in negotiating with Sundas. He claims they have not responded much to his inquiries. This can be because the Della Valle brothers actually have no interest in selling the team or they do not want to sell for that low of a price tag. The other case could be they do not like this guy and have no interest in selling it to him and his firm. Sundas and his firm would like to rebrand the team and invest in creating a bigger company. It is worthy to note if the team does throw away their assets like Borja Valero, Bernardeschi, Kalinic, to name a few there will be less interest in buying the squad. No one wants to buy a team that is essentially just a uniform they have to build from scratch.

All of this talk is a little wild. It just shows the Della Valle brothers are probably still attached to the squad. The team may not actually be for sale, but they wanted people to think it was. At the end of the day we are in wait and see mode. If the team gets sold we will see what happens, if it does not we just keep going on with monitoring the transfer market.

Another fun tidbit, is that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is looking to get into the professional soccer ring. He is skipping right over the MLS and reaching for the stars of Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham has so far denied any sale of the team. Wouldn’t it be fun if the owner of Facebook went a 1,000 miles south east to Florence and bought Fiorentina. If the team you want to buy does not pan out then it makes sense go to a different league and buy another team. Fiorentina is the perfect team for Zuckerberg. The city is filled with American college students so he would already have a fan base he knows and Fiorentina is a team set up to win soon. With the right backing and support Zuckerberg can turn Fiorentina into an Italian powerhouse. This is a very slim chance of happening, but stranger things have happened.