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2016/17: Newcomer of the Season

Italy v San Marino - International Friendy
Started in the Primavera now we here
Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

By now you've probably had enough of the frankly quite depressing post-mortem on what was effectively a write-off of a season. So to lift your mood, here’s a piece about everyones favourite mini Florentine in Federico Chiesa.

The undoubted newcomer of the season, the starlet has had an incredible year, which has seen him rocket in every sense of the word. He has become an important part of Fiorentina’s squad with three first team goals, and a call up to the Italy squad, all of which achieved whilst still in his teens.

Whether he still locks himself in his room, blasts Nirvana, and complains that life is unfair remains to be seen, but the one thing for certain is that he is a player beyond his years.

Chiesa started 17 games in the Serie A, making 10 substitute appearances, a not too shabby record for a 19 year old. Without detracting from the unbelievable talent Chiesa has been, credit has be to given to Paulo Sousa, who, hear me out guys, did give the boy a chance. Where another coach maybe wouldn’t have chanced upon Chiesa, Public Enemy no.1 did, and for that, we should all thank him.

Again, his three goals and two assists in the league campaign was a sound return for a raw talent like Chiesa. He also managed to average two shots per game, and recorded a 84.7% pass percentage in the league. When considered that Borja Valero managed to etch a 89.5% pass percentage, it speaks volumes of the talent Chiesa has in his special genes.

But of course, stats are stats, and if I told you that Sebastien De Maio managed a 92.5% pass percentage, it puts them in perspective. However, Chiesa’s stats aren't just impressive; anyone who has watched him this season will now just how special he really is. If Bernardeschi jumps ship, we shall mourn, and rightfully so, and we shouldn’t compare what are two patently different players stylistically.

But what Fiorentina have in Chiesa is a young, determined, enthusiastic gem of a player who has already won the hearts of fans worldwide. His exuberance and honesty combined with his rawness is what endears him to fans so greatly. Chiesa will continue to develop at Fiorentina, and score many more goals, but what a start it has been for the Golden Boy of Florence