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Borja Valero May Be Leaving Florence but Probably Not

Let’s not start the riots yet

ACF Fiorentina v FC Internazionale - Serie A
If he stays, Borja Valero may be wearing that armband more
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Fiorentina Center Midfielder Borja Valero has been linked to Inter Milan. According to violanews, Inter is focused on getting the Spanish midfielder for the upcoming season. The same article mentions that Valero can be obtained for about 5 million euros. That seems like a really shallow price for a player that has easily been one of the more consistent Fiorentina Midfielders the past few years. This article also goes on to say that Fiorentina wants Valero to request a transfer to Inter, so they do not look like the bad guys.

Well lets analyze this, with it all but certain that Gonzalo Rodriguez leave Florence this summer, Fiorentina will need a new captain going into next season. The likeliest candidate to claim that throne is Borja Valero. He is a veteran player that is still playing extremely well at the age of 32. The Spaniard is also a fan favorite in Florence, meaning if he ended up in Milan there may be riots in the streets. The fee also does not make a ton of sense. If Stefano Pioli wants to get rid of Borja, he can probably get a better price than 5 million euros.

All in all, Borja Valero is probably not going anywhere. If he does, he may end up in Milan with Inter because they seem to be really interested. There seems to be a lot of talks between the two clubs involving multiple players from each side. As we all know the silly season is upon us and we have to take every rumor with a grain of salt. Hopefully, Borja Valero stays in Florence next season as one of the blocks that new coach Stefano Pioli can build around. The new coach is considered to be an expert tactician, he will be able to find the perfect fit for Borja in Fiorentina attack.