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Community thread: What bugs are you finding in the new layout?

Yes, it’s different. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Now help us make it better.

Hot Summer Sees Sharp Rise In Harlequin Ladybird Numbers
It’s a bug. Get it?
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Good morning, fellow Viola Nation citizens. As you may have heard on the news, read in the comments, or seen for yourself, SB Nation has rolled out a new look for our little blog (and for all their other ones, but ours is so much better that, well, eh). Some of you have actually been seeing the new setup for a little while, so that should ease the shock. For everyone else, though, here it is.

The idea behind this new-look website isn’t purely aesthetic, though. It should improve the site’s performance significantly, especially on mobile phones, and lead to less time spent waiting for pages to load. There’s also some back-end stuff that the update will improve for us. Besides that, though, nothing is changing. Seriously. The articles, comments, Fan Posts (hey, remember those?), staff, and everything else will maintain their current levels of functionality.

That said, any rollout of new software is going to involve some bugs, no matter how stringent the testing. Here is your open thread to tell us what’s not working for you with the new website so that we can fix it. If something’s not working, don’t suffer in silence. Tell us.

Also, please limit this thread to bugs in the website layout. Not bugs in the actual Fiorentina system. That’s going to be a whole different thread.

Finally, if you’re interested in maybe winning $500 from SB Nation, write a FanPost about why you’re a Fiorentina fan. Here are the rules. Good luck.