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Poll: When should Fiorentina fire Sousa?

The Portuguese mister is on his way out, but the club still hasn’t said when he’ll be shown the door.

ACF Fiorentina v Empoli FC - Serie A
It’s a real head-scratcher.
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

In a bit of news that will doubtless please all of our readers here, another member of the Fiorentina brain trust has refused to address speculation about Paulo Sousa’s future in Florence. This time, it fell to sporting director Carlos Freitas to douse the flames of rumor when he told reporters over the weekend that the club still believes in the mister and will continue to support him through these lean times.

That got us wondering here at Viola Nation headquarters when the Gigliati actually will sack Sousa. He’s almost certainly gone come June, and the Della Valles should be praised for showing support for the manager even when he’s garbage—with their reputation for bickering with coaches, this should help assuage the concerns of the next man in charge—but this is getting a little bit ridiculous.

So we asked ourselves at what point we would have fired Sousa if we had the power, and now we’re extending that question to you?


When should Paulo Sousa be/have been fired?

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  • 10%
    After the infamous "I used to be a dreamer, but now I’m a realist" press conference
    (17 votes)
  • 3%
    After getting shelled 0-4 at AS Roma
    (6 votes)
  • 35%
    After that still-incredible meltdown against Borussia Monchengladbach
    (56 votes)
  • 5%
    After losing the home leg of the Tuscan derby to Empoli
    (9 votes)
  • 10%
    After losing 0-2 to relegation-bound Palermo
    (17 votes)
  • 20%
    As soon as the ref blows full time on the Pescara match in 4 weeks
    (32 votes)
  • 14%
    Wait, what? He’s done a great job and should stick around
    (23 votes)
160 votes total Vote Now