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Sousa teases contract talks on April Fool’s day

The Silver Fox might not be done yet

ACF Fiorentina v Bologna FC - Serie A
How to cheat death by Paulo Sousa
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Some things are certainties in life. Death, taxes, and Paulo Sousa being let go at the end of the season. But just hold that thought while I tell you Sousa has been offered an extension. Actually, maybe I don't have to pay taxes or die.

Breaking news regarding Sousa’s situation has filtered through via Di Marzio in the form of the Portuguese stating he has been offered an extension.

If you're currently questioning everything you've ever believed to be true, you wouldn't be alone. All signs have pointed to Sousa exiting at the end of the season. Having stumbled through the 2016/17 season, the board looked nailed on to let Sousa finish what he started last August and see out the season.

With constant speculation regarding Di Francesco’s apparent imminent arrival, revelations such as this have thrown a bloody huge spanner in the works for those anxiously waiting for the day the club declares Sousa has left Florence for good.

While it would be foolish to suggest the board haven't fallen head over heels for Di Francesco, it is seems clear that things aren’t as cut and dry as fans would hope. Di Francesco ticks all the boxes; he's tactically astute, he's familiar with working under a tight budget and he rocks a scarf and hipster glasses like nobody’s business.

"The club twice already has offered me an extension, yesterday I ate dinner together with Corvino and we discussed the future. But the priority is the match tomorrow. There is so much speculation in football, but I don't engage in it. I answered the director that I need a little more time, both over the length of the proposal as well as the plans, so we will be dissecting those together."

The nature and details of the proposed extension remains to be seen, but it’s seems clear Corvino and co. still see signs of life in Sousa. Having thrown his hat in the ring previously for the Borussia Dortmund job should Thomas Tuchel leave, this may have forced the boards hand. Either way, it looks like there is still a chance Sousa will still be in charge come August.

Sceptics amongst us all would point to the timing of the interview being on the rather suspicious April the 1st. And Corvino definitely seems to have a inkling that something fishy is going on...

"The words of Sousa? Yesterday was April 1 "

Whoever is lying in this situation will remain to be seen. The likelihood of Sousa making such false claims in the press seems questionable, but then again, Corvino and the rest of us all know what day it was.

Either way, don’t pop that celebratory bottle of Champagne just yet.