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Fiorentina Players That Need to Play in the Final Five Games

Lets get a youth movement in Florence. Here are three players that need to get playing time over the next five games.

Italy U18 v Romania U18 - International Friendly
He does not have purple on here but Hagi has potential to be a star.
Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

With the season winding down there are five games left for Fiorentina to make any kind of changes to the Serie A table. In all likelihood the team will not move up too far in the standings and will likely miss out on a Europa league position for next season. With that being said, there are players that could propel la viola with some youthful laenergy into the Europa League. These players could also get some much needed Serie A experience that can be valuable for seasons to come. Here is a list of some young players that Paulo Sousa should play in the last 5 games of the season.

Ianis Hagi

Son of former superstar midfielder Gheorghe Hagi, Ianis has a lot to live up to as a footballer. His father was widely considered to be one of the top midfielders in Europe while playing for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Brescia, and Galatasaray. As every child of a superstar, there are a lot of expectations for young Ianis. The young Romanian is a Attacking Mildfielder like his father and has had one appearance with the senior team in Florence. It would be nice to see what the Hagi has to offer to the club. There is a bit of a log jam in the midfield, but Hagi needs to get playing time to see if he has a shot to make an impact on the team next season and beyond.

Joshua Perez

As an American, paying attention to Joshua Perez has been extremely exciting. It is not every day that an American player gets a chance to play for a European club. Perez is at the ripe age of 19 years old. Since he started his career at Chivas USA, one would think that Perez is a step behind his European counterparts, there has been a lot of high praise for the young player. According to an article on ESPN FC after Perez’s senior team debut, head coach Paulo Sousa said:

“With his characteristics he can be a useful player. He can dribble past defenders and he’s strong physically.”

Perez was the first American born player to play for Fiorentina since Giuseppe Rossi. Sousa should give Perez another chance to show how useful he can be on the pitch for Fiorentina. There are already a few young players getting some significant playing time; it would not hurt to get another.

Jan Mlakar

The Captain at Fiorentina Primavera, Mlakar has a lot of potential to become the next big star in Florence. At the age of 19 Mlakar has still not received a proper chance to show his skill set a the top level. The Slovenian is a typical striker, meaning he fits right into the number 9 position. With that being said, there are a lot of things to be excited about when looking at the young Slovenian. He chose to come to Florence, even with some bigger clubs looking to obtain his services in the summer of 2015. Mlakar has also earned the captains band in the second division which is an impressive feat. He has shown to have a nose for goal and leadership on the pitch. Mlakar should finally get a shot to play with the big club and maybe if he scores some goals he can stick on for next season.

Are there any other youngsters you’d like to see get a shot in these last few matches? Let us know in the comments.