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BatiGol Weekly 85: Paid vacation time

In which we discuss the grind, the length of the Serie A season, and getting away for a little while.

Venues And Townscape Ahead Of PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games
And all those friends you thought you knew, you’d trade it all for a tank of fuel.
Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Whoo man, it sure has been a long season already, hasn’t it? Can’t believe we’ve still got 10 matches left. I mean, it’s great that we get to watch our favorite somnambulant purple team stagger through another month and a half of games which probably won’t matter in the slightest either way for them, but maybe we could use a little bit of a break.

That’s why I’m proposing that we just take a little vacation. You know, get away from the doldrums a little bit. Give our shoulders a chance to unclench as if they’re waiting for some indescribably heavy weight to descend upon them from the blue sky. Start being able to smile occasionally before we remember that we’re Fiorentina fans. That sort of thing. You know, carefree and whimsical and fun. Stuff like that.

That’s why I brought this travel brochure over here. C’mon, we’ll just leaf through it. We don’t need to book any flights or anything. See, look: we could go to the St. Pauli islands. Lovely nautical theme, fun people, excellent breakfasts. It’d be great. No? How about Dulwich Hamlet? Everyone knows it looks like Tuscany, so you know it’d make for a brilliant vacation spot. Still too mainstream, huh? Maybe we could try the mountains of Croescyceiliog AFC, where we could find the legendary Hakan McCracken.

Wow, uh, you’re really still set on Fiorentina. Okay. Ooooookaaaaaayyyyy. Um, well, I guess we can stick with that, too, if you want. I mean, it’s not terrible or anything. It’s just the same old grind. I just thought that maybe we could use some, I don’t know, variety or excitement or something in our lives. But yeah, no, another 10 weeks of Fiorentina sounds great. Sure. I’ll just go, um, finish unpacking.

Latest news

Fiorentina blew Cagliari out of the water by a score of 1-0. And it only took 92 minutes for that 1. Total dominance.

Slightly more exciting than those excruciating 3 points is the newest concept art of the stadium the Della Valles want to build at the Mercafir site.

Must read

After last week’s scoreless draw at Atalanta, we talked about why some of us (the Americans in particular) are so frustrated by ties.

We also did some thinking about what a new stadium would actually mean for the Viola besides just being a new pitch without the track around it.

Comment of the week

Catalogue ruminates on going full Delio Rossi if it means that Paulo Sousa gets the sack.

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay dry out there.