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BatiGol Weekly 82: Hold on, hold on

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In which we discuss echoes, disappointment, and maybe some personnel decisions.

ACF Fiorentina v Udinese Calcio - Serie A
That echo comes back at me with this: “Hold on, hold on, hold on.”
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

There's no purpose in asking someone what's the greatest disappointment they've ever confronted. Even if they're willing to answer such a probing and painful question with complete honesty, it's impossible to rate experiences on a scale entirely bereft of context. We can only experience those things once; after that, we're just hearing echoes that intensify or deteriorate as they bounce back at us.

It seems like that’s sort of where we’re at now, trapped in a huge and empty dome that does nothing but hurl our own triumphs and disappointments back at us and around us, magnifying and diminishing them, until we can’t find the beginning or end of them and exist in boundless sound and fury which push away all memories but themselves until we can’t see anything but the past.

It’s hard to punch your way out of this echo chamber after a certain point. You get acclimated. You expect that losing 0-2 to Pescara is going to come back around again, or that a 4-2 win over Juventus will eventually return, until you’ve lost that joy you had when you first discovered Fiorentina, lost it in an formless and dynamic labyrinth that reverberates within your orisons, blurring them until they’re nothing but tropes and accepting nothing new.

So when you find some new disappointment, embrace it. Accept it. Cherish it. Let it keep your love for the Viola fresh as a paper cut. Let it slice through the tinnitus of dissatisfaction that’s pushed everything else out of your hearing. Let it be a ray of darkness that pierces a uniformly and blindingly white world in which you can’t see anything. Let the pain of the first Viola loss you ever saw be forged, renewed in the crucible of the latest disaster.

But seriously, if I have to see Carlos Salcedo playing leftback again, I am going to lose my freaking mind.

Latest news

Fiorentina utterly dominated Borussia Monchengladbach en route to a 0-1 win in Germany, and we were totally never nervous that die Fohlen were the better side by miles. Sheer dominance, I say.

The ensuing loss to AC Milan is what my uncle calls kharmic whiplash.

Hernan Toledo has left the building. Does it count as a transfer if the player leaving may not even exist?

Must read

Now that Nikola Kalinic is back in the saddle, it’s a good time to look at Khouma Babacar, whose tantalizing potential is always just enough to keep him around.

Did you know that the Viola are the best team in the league? No? Then do some research on Fiorentina Women’s, who are so good that you’d almost think someone’s playing Football Manager with all the difficulty sliders all the way down.

Keep those good feelings going with some replays of Berna’s gobsmackingly good goal against Monchengladbach. Why are you still reading this? Go watch it again already.

Comment of the week

Johnny Bee has a good grasp of what counts as monumental.

That’s it for this week, folks. Stick around for more Europa League action, Serie A action, and bad philosophical meandering inaction.