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Keeping Chiesa for the Holidays

Could not ask for a better gift for the holidays.

ACF Fiorentina v US Sassuolo - Serie A
Wouldn’t it be nice if he just stayed with Fiorentina forever?
Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

With Hanukkah just ending, and Christmas and Kwanzaa right around the corner Fiorentina owner Andrea Della Valle just gave fans a great gift. What is that gift you may ask? Well according to Football Italia, Andrea Della Valle said he wants to keep Federico Chiesa for “at least for a few years”. Isn’t that everything you ever wanted at this time of year.

These comments should come as no surprise because Federico Chiesa recently signed a contract to stay with Fiorentina until 2022. That feels like a long time from now, but in reality its only four more seasons. That also does not mean that Pantaleo Corvino will not transfer him away at the right price. Just look at Federico Bernardeschi as an example. By all accounts Bernardeschi loved playing in Florence and wanted to stay with the team. He currently is in Torino with Juventus. That means that fans should take this news with a grain of salt.

With that being said it is great that they are interested in keeping a young, exciting player. There has been a shift in personnel with Fiorentina. In the last year, many of the players fans have been rooting for moved on to other teams. Now they are building a new group with a new coach. Federico Chiesa is a big part of the team going forward. Many teams throughout Europe will be interested in his services, but Della Valle is not interested in giving up the young winger.

There is one big caveat Della Valle mentioned and that is Chiesa has to decide to stay as well. Meaning when teams come by with their pocketbooks open it will be a lot tougher for Chiesa to stick around with la Viola. Hopefully, he does stay and becomes an anomaly with Fiorentina. What if the kid plays his whole career in Florence and helps the team make it into serious European football again.

At this point, Fiorentina fans can only rejoice with the prospect of Chiesa being around for another few years. If he plays out his contract he will be here until 2022. More realistically, Chiesa will be with la Viola for another two years and end up flanking the other former Fiorentina wonderkid in Juventus. (I really am trying to be optimistic, its just hard). For now, just enjoy watching Chiesa race down the side of the pitch with spectacular speed. He is a must watch part of the Fiorentina attack and hopefully will be for years to come.