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Let’s See Some More Youth in Florence

Young players sometimes are good...

Sporting CP v Fiorentina - Pre-Season Friendly
He has nice form...give him a shot!
Photo by Carlos Rodrigues/Getty Images

The biggest struggle in football is finding time to integrate young players on the pitch. It is especially difficult when the coaching staff is unsure of what they have in the player. An easy way to add these players to the mix is when there are injuries. Luckily for some of the prospects on Fiorentina, winger Cyril Thereau has an injury that has kept the Frenchman out of some games. It is unclear when number 77 will be back and that leaves a bit of a hole on the pitch the needs to be filled.

The first two options that have been given a shot are Valentin Eysseric and Gil Dias. Both of those players fit the young category, but if you watched the game against Crotone they were non factors. You may not have even realized that either of those players was on the pitch. What should happen when players fail to make an impact? Try someone else. There are actually three other players that should be thrust into the rotation until Stefano Pioli finds a winger that can really impact the game. This is not to say give up on Eysseric and Gil Dias. Both of those players have a bright future, but have looked a bit lost in the Fiorentina lineup. Three other youngsters deserve a shot though.

Ianis Hagi

There is no reason why Hagi has not received a shot so far in Florence. The young winger has a ton of talent and was promised a decent size role on the roster. All signs point to Hagi being the next great winger to come up through the Fiorentina system. The only reason he has not been given that shot is a man named Stefano Pioli. Hagi has a world class pedigree and needs time on the pitch. Just keep in mind the Federico Chiesa was the same age as Hagi last season when he received a shot. What also is crazy is that he looked really good when he did receive a chance. Now there may be something going on behind the scenes that the fans do not see, but at this point it makes no sense to not give the young lad an opportunity.

Simone Lo Faso

Just a few games ago, Lo Faso got a shot on the pitch. He had some flashes of excitement and a lot of mistakes. That is to be expected from a young player in top level football. The young striker/winger is on loan from Palermo. At the end of the loan though there is an option for Fiorentina to buy the 19 year old. You would think that they would want to see what they have in the Italian Calciatore. He deserves as much a chance to make an impact as Hagi, Eysseric and Dias. Lo Faso is an absolute play maker that needs to control his body better on defense. He gave up a lot of silly penalties, but looked great with his feet on the ball. With Thereau sidelined, Lo Faso should get an extended look on the pitch.

Rafik Zekhnini

The third option is another 19 year old that deserves a shot to impress with the big boys. With only one appearance under his belt with Fiorentina Zekhnini needs a real opportunity to show his skills. Management brought the Norwegian football player to Florence on a 5 year deal for a reason. Why not give the kid an opportunity to earn his money earlier. There is a clear hole on the left side of the pitch and someone needs to fill it. Zekhnini had success with Odds BK in Norway. Although his success was limited the young lad was able to start 7 games for the club. At least he has European football experience and has a skillset that would fit nicely in Pioli’s system. The lack of interest in using the youth players is disheartening. Luckily, Fiorentina has to give someone a shot at the position until Thereau comes back.